Keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks is a renowned accounting software used by lots of businessmen and entrepreneurs to excel in bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services. To ease the working in QuickBooks, you should use Keyboard shortcut keys. One can be a regular user of these shortcut keys when you practice a lot. It is a bit difficult to navigate your activities with a mouse, so to prevent waste of time and human resources one can add data by using the keyboard and also navigate the task by using the only keyboard. 

Some of the conflicting shortcuts “To open the Second Window” and to do so in a different browser, the respected shortcut keys i.e. “Ctrl + N” work differently in various browsers as mentioned below:

To open the Second Window = Ctrl + N

  • Internet Express: You will find that you are logged in to both the new and old windows. 
  • Firefox: You will be logged in the first one only. You have to log in to the 2nd window separately so that you can work in both of the windows. 
  • Chrome: Whenever you visit the QBO in the window, you will see that you are already logged in to both existing and previous companies. 

To Split the Screen

To easily split your screen, you can use shortcut keys which are Windows Key + Left Arrow. You will see a new window on the left pane on the screen that you want to appear. In case you want to view the normal screen then press Windows Key + Up Arrow

To Duplicate the Screen Tabs

Initially to copy the address Press Alt + D, then to open a new tab using the URL press Alt + Enter. Further Press Alt + D and hit Enter to duplicate the currently opened tab. This will pop up a new window without using the browser. It’s just like magic, try it! 

To Send Reminders

Users are allowed to send reminders to pay their pending bills using QB online and the Navigating bar. To do so select Overdue Invoices to see and tap on Send Reminders. You are also able to track the invoices that are sent earlier and to check whether it is noticed or seen by the client. You can also check the no. of times the user viewed the sent bills. One should also review the email ID of the client. To choose the items with the help of drop-down lists, the steps are: 

  • Initially, press Tab to reach the field. 
  • To open the list press Alt + down arrow
  • To go through the items use “Up and Down Arrow”
  • One can press the Tab key to move the required or desired item to the next field. 

To scroll all the items in the box instead of opening the whole list, press “Ctrl + down arrow” or “Ctrl + up arrow”.

Common Keyboard shortcuts Keys in QuickBooks Desktop

To access QB without opening the file of the company, press:Ctrl + double-click
To suppress the company or desktop windows, press:Alt (while opening)
To see the information regarding QB, press:F2
To Cancel press:Esc
To Record, press:Enter key
To always Record, press:Ctrl + Enter key
To show Next day, shortcut key:+ (plus key)
To show the Previous day, shortcut key:– (minus key)
To show Today, shortcut key:T
To show the First Day of the Week, shortcut key:W
To show the last day of the month, shortcut key:H
To show the First day of the Month, shortcut key:M
To show the Last day of the week, shortcut key:K
To show the Date calendar, shortcut key:Alt + down arrow
To show the First Day of the Year, shortcut key:Y
To show the Last day of the year, shortcut key:R
To Edit selected transaction in the register, shortcut key:Ctrl + E
To Delete the character in right of the insertion point, shortcut key:Del
To Delete the character in the left of the insertion point, shortcut key:Backspace
To Delete line in detail area, shortcut key:Ctrl + Del
To Insert a line in the detail area, shortcut key:Ctrl + Ins
To Cut selected characters, shortcut key:Ctrl + X
To Copy selected characters, shortcut key:Ctrl + C
To copy or paste the characters, shortcut key:Ctrl + V
To Copy line in an invoice, shortcut key:Ctrl + Alt + Y
To Paste the copied line in an invoice, shortcut key:Ctrl + Alt + V
To Increase check or other form numbers by one, shortcut key:+ (plus key)
To Decrease check or other form numbers by one, shortcut key:– (minus key)
To Undo changes made in the field shortcut key:Ctrl + Z
Help windowKey
To Display Help in context, press:F1
To select the next topic or option, shortcut key:Tab
To Select the previous topic or option, press:Shift + Tab
To Display selected topic, shortcut key:Enter key
To close the Help window, press:Alt + F4
To Display the Chart of Accounts list, press:Ctrl + A
To Display the Write Checks window, shortcut key:Ctrl + W
To Copy a transaction in a register, press:Ctrl + O
To Display the Customer Job list, shortcut key:Ctrl + J
To Delete check, transaction, invoice, or item from a list, press:Ctrl + D
To Edit registers or lists, press:Ctrl + E
To QuickFill and Recall Tab, shortcut key:abc Tab
To Find a transaction, press:Ctrl + F
To visit the register of transfer account, press:Ctrl + G
To Display the Help in context, shortcut key:F1
To see the History of A/R or A/P transaction, press:Ctrl + H
To Create an Invoice, shortcut key:Ctrl + I
To Display the List for the current field, press:Ctrl + L
To Memorize report or transaction, shortcut key:Ctrl + M
To Display the Memorized transaction list, press:Ctrl + T
To create a bill, new invoice, check or list item, shortcut key:Ctrl + N
To Paste copied transaction in the register, press:Ctrl + V
To Print, press:Ctrl + P
To QuickZoom on the report, shortcut key:Enter key
To QuickReport on transaction or list item, press:Ctrl + Q
To Display the Use Register window, shortcut key:Ctrl + R
To Show the list, press:Ctrl + S
To Use list item, shortcut key:Ctrl + U
To Display the Transaction Journal, press:Ctrl + Y
Moving around a windowKey
To visit the Next field, press:Tab
To visit the Previous field, shortcut key:Shift + Tab
To move the Report column to the right, press:Right arrow
To move the Report column to the left, shortcut key:Left arrow
For the Beginning of the current field, press:Home
To End of the current field, shortcut key:End
To see the line below in detail area or on the report, press:Down arrow
To see the line above in detail area or on the report, shortcut key:Up arrow
To Down one screen, press:Page Down
To Up to one screen, shortcut key:Page Up
Next word in the field, press:Ctrl + Right Arrow
Previous word in the field, shortcut key:Ctrl + Left Arrow
The first item on the list or the previous month in the register, press:Ctrl + PgUp
Last item on the list or next month in the register, shortcut key:Ctrl + PgDn
To Close the active window, press:Esc

Wrap up 

Working in the QB is an easy task if we talk about bookkeeping and accounting. To make it easier, one should practice more on shortcut keys. Navigation with the mouse is pretty hard but using the keyboard can resolve this problem. You can easily perform a respected task by just pressing some of the keys. This will save the user’s vital and precious time.  

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