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Solved: QuickBooks Error 12007 | Recovery of QuickBooks Error 12007 Step By Step

QuickBooks is a famous software that is in the service of many businessmen and entrepreneurs. But only one demerit of this software is Errors. Errors can interrupt the working of the user on the workstation. QuickBooks Error 12007 is such an error that arises due to internet connection problems or issues. However, curing these errors is an easy task. QuickBooks error 12007 can be caused due to misconfigured settings of the QuickBooks or network connectivity. Software QB throws light on this error when there is a network issue. The message that appeared is: 

A network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server.

The window that appeared on the screen is: 

To remove this window, you have to review the internet connectivity of the workstation. Some of the potential causes for this QuickBooks 12007 Error are: 

Major Indications of this QuickBooks Error 12007

  • You are not able to open any website using the Web-Browser. 
  • Also, the user is not able to download the updates of QB and the Operating System. 
  • The windows or software will freeze. 
  • The performance of the workstation or QB or both decreases. 
  • The message for the error will be prompt on the screen.  

Why QuickBooks Error 12007 occurs?

  1. Internet connectivity issue. 
  2. Sluggish or outages performance of the system. 
  3. The QB software is improperly set-up with the internet. 
  4. The Firewall or the anti-virus software installed can interrupt network connectivity. 
  5. If the default browser is might not Internet Explorer which to be set up by the user. 
  6. QB software is not installed properly on the workstation. 
  7. Due to improper or wrong settings of the QB. 
  8. Dropped internet packets. 

How to get rid of this QuickBooks Error 12007?

Somehow this error can interrupt the working process of the QB software. You just need to check out the methods to resolve it as many solutions are available. Just consider the mentioned steps. Some of the methods to terminate this error are: 

  • Configure the Internet connection.
  • Configure Internet Explorer. 
  • Check the settings of the Security Software.
  • Use Windows using the Safe mode.
  • Reset updates of the QB.
  • Reset the IE Web Browser.
  • Check the settings of the Payroll service.
  • Perform Clean Installation of QB. 

Method 1 to resolve QuickBooks Error 12007: Configure the Internet connection

  • Firstly you have to set Internet Explorer as the default browser of the system. 
  • Now check for the error, exists or not. 
  • If it still exists then download Transport Layer Security 1.2.
  • At last, if the user is not able to open a secure website then call us. We will provide you with full technical assistance. 

Method 2 to resolve QuickBooks Error 12007: Configure the Internet Explorer 

  • The initial process is to set your default browser, Internet Explorer is the best choice. 
  • Start QB.
  • Run IE Web Browser. 
  • Visit the option Tools. 
  • Go for the Internet option. 
  • Tap the Security tab.
  • Go for the symbol “Globe”.
  • Set the security levels to less than Medium-High. 
  • Opt for the tab “Connections”.
  • Go for “Never Dial a Connection”.
  • Hit “OK”.
  • Consider the settings of the (LAN) Local Area Network. 
  • Select “automatically detect”.
  • Start the “Advanced” tab.
  • Go for “Restore Advanced” settings.
  • Go for TLS 1.2
  • Then the user has to close the IE web browser.
  • Finally, restart the system on which QB is installed.  

Method 3 to resolve QuickBooks Error 12007: Check the settings of the Security Software

One should ensure that the settings of antivirus, firewall, and parental control are properly maintained. These installed applications can interrupt internet connectivity. So kindly update these applications regularly and set correct settings.

Method 4 to resolve QuickBooks Error 12007: Use Windows using the Safe mode

If the error message window still occurs, then try to use Windows in a safe mode. After starting windows in the safe mode look for the error. 

Method 5 to resolve QuickBooks Error 12007: Reset updates of the QB

  • Initially restart the workstation. 
  • Reset the updates of the QB.
  • Use the Single-user mode to start the file of the company using software QB. 
  • Download the latest updates. 
  • Install it quickly.
  • Restart the QB software. 

Method 6 to resolve QuickBooks Error 12007: Reset the IE Web Browser

  • Firstly open the browser. 
  • Go for the option “Tools”
  • Select “Internet Options”. 
  •  The “Advanced” tab should be selected.
  • Hit on the “Reset”.
  • Apply default settings for the Web Browser. 
  • Hit OK.
  • Restart the workstation. 

Method 7 to resolve QuickBooks Error 12007: Check the settings of the Payroll service

  • Advanced Connections settings should be opened by the user.
  • Access the window of Internet Properties.
  • Verify the use of SSL 3.0 and SSL 2.0. 
  • Choose “Apply”.
  • Hit “OK”.
  • After that start QB again. 
  • Update the services of QB payroll. 

Method 8 to resolve QuickBooks Error 12007: Perform Clean Installation of QB 

Sometimes QB software may get corrupted, which interrupts the working of the QB. Then the only solution is to uninstall QB and install it again. The user also ensures that they use valid keys. 


QuickBooks Error 12007 arises due to some network issue, you are not able to open any secured website using any web browser. Eliminating this task does not require any additional IT skills. The user just has to set Internet Explorer as the default browser. If the error still exists then try to use other methods. If you want some help and face any problem then get instant help! Call us, don’t hesitate to call us.