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Solved: QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085 | QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085 Retrieval Step By Step

What is QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085?

QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085 mainly makes the Desktop variant of QuickBooks suffers. It blocks the path that exchanges data from web-based third-party apps and software. You will see the message of the error mentioned below:

QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085

The software’s Web connector enables QBXML and QBPOSXML to make a connection between QB Point of Sale and Web-based application. 

Before studying the error, you must understand the “Web Connector” of QuickBooks. “Web Connector” is an app software created by “Microsoft”. It provides the gateway to share data hassle-free. It suffers errors and glitches also and QBWC1085 is one of them. QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085” error does not allow the user to write log files and restrict the user to open the company’s file.

Symptoms/ Signs of QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085

  • Your QB accounting software faces slow-down or freezes for 1-2 minutes.
  • No response from the windows to the user. 
  • The software will not allow the user to write the “Log” file.
  • You will have some problems with the “Log” file. 
  • QB opens without operating any “Log” file and “Web Connector” starts proceeding without the “Log” file.

How QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085 occurs? 

This Error may cause the following reasons mentioned below:

    1. It occurs when the user is not allowed to depict the “Web Connector” logfile.
    2. While using “.TXT” files by incorrect or damaged “Web Connector”. 
    3. It occurs when the connector wants to deliver or exchange information to the QB from the 3rd-party programs (Web-Based).
    4. It may be caused due to damage and irregularities in the Log file. 
  • It can happen due to a problem in “Web Connector”.

How to fix QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085?

You can fix this problem with the following mentioned reasons:

Note: Before applying these solutions, make sure that the “Web Connector” of QB is enabled.

How to Enable the Web Connector?

  1. Open the “Run” program by pressing “Windows + R”.
  2. In the “Run” window type “msconfig”.
  3. Hit Enter/OK and select the “Startup” tab.
  4. Now locate QB “Web Connector” and mark check on it.
  5. At last click “Apply” and hit “OK”
  6. Finally restart the computer and start troubleshooting the problem by using the methods mentioned below:

Method 1 to resolve QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085:- Change the name of the “QWCLOG.TXT” file.

    1. From the taskbar consider QB “Web Connector”, do “Right” click on it, and select “Exit”.
    2. Now open/access “Windows File Manager” and follow path {“C”🡪” ProgramData”🡪 “Intuit”🡪 “QBWebConnector” 🡪” Log folder”.
    3. Try to rename the “QWCLOG.TXT” file by just right-clicking the icon of the respected file and nextly selecting the “Rename” option.
    4. Change its name to “QWCLOGOLD.TXT” and save the changes.
    5. Now open the “Web Connector” application again.
    6. Start your system again or reboot the system.
  • After starting the system again use an online application related to QuickBooks. 

Method 2 to resolve QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085:- Delete Web Connector File

  • Start your system and Login as a “Window Administrator”.
  • Now follow the mentioned navigation,
  • QuickBooks Error QBWC 1085
  • Now delete/remove the QB “Web connector” file.