QuickBooks Error 15106: Simple Way To Fix Payroll Update Error

QuickBooks Error 15106

QuickBooks Error 15106 arises when the payroll update is not working. QB is a renowned and famous software for easy bookkeeping and accounting. But you may encounter some errors and this error 15106 arises when the updated downloaded program is corrupted or some technical problem hinders the process of payroll update. This is encounter by a user while working on the QB payroll update. The message appears like this:

QuickBooks Error 15106

The update program cannot be opened while updating QuickBooks Desktop


“The update program is damaged”


“The update program cannot be opened”

What is QuickBooks Error 15106? 

QuickBooks Error 15106 indicates that there is something that is preventing the user to update the QB Desktop. The message window appeared looks like this: 

QuickBooks Error 15106

Issues that Triggers QuickBooks Error 15106

These are some issues due to which QuickBooks Error 15106 arises: 

  • Antivirus or any security system installed in the workstation can block the update process. 
  • If you are not logged in to the workstation as an administrator. 
  • If Spy Sweeper is activated in the anti-virus can define the QB update activity as malware. 
  • If the UAC settings are running. 

Major Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15106

  • One is not able to process the payroll update. 
  • A message window has appeared on the screen.
  • The system restarts automatically without indication when this update program is processed. 
  • You may feel some slowdown and lag while working on the QB. 

Methods to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 15106

Now we think you are fully aware of the causes and symptoms of this error. Now it’s time to learn about its solutions. Some of the methods are: 

Solution: 1 To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15106: Log in as an Administrator

Sometimes when you are normally logged into the system, then you don’t have the necessary permissions to make changes. So use QuickBooks by running it as an Administrator and have extra privileges. The steps are: 

  1. Right-click on the QB icon.
  2. Then go for “Run as administrator”.
Run as administrator

Solution: 2 To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15106: Clean installation by using the Selective Startup mode

If the issue is not resolved by using method 1, then have a clean install of the QB by using the mode “Selective Startup”. In this solution, you will make a backup file of a company. To do this steps are here: 

  1. Firstly make a backup for the vital file of the company. 
  2. Then have a copy of the file named “QuickBooks product and license info”.
  3.  Then use the system by using the “Selective Startup” mode to make sure that any other app is not blocking the process of the respected task. 
  4. Now uninstall the QB software and install it again. 
  5. Now open it by using the “Normal Startup” mode. 
Normal Startup

Solution: 3 To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15106: Stop User Account Control (UAC) 

Turning off User Account Control

This method to solve Error 15106 is the easiest and efficient method. Steps to turn-off or stop User Account Control are mentioned here: 

  • Firstly press “Windows + R” to open the “Run” program.
  • Now type “Windows + R” in the window and hit “OK”.
  • Now select the “User Accounts” option. 
  • Hit the option “Change user account control settings”. (Click on “Yes” if the system is promoted by UAC). 
  • Now move that slider.
  • To make UAC turn offset option “Never Notify” and hit “OK”. (To turn on UAC then set option “Always Notify”
  • Now restart the system. 

Method 4: To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15106: Stop Antivirus Program or Security Software 

Antivirus or security software can cause blockage while exchanging files. Sometimes they cause hindrance while opening the file of the company. One can go for this method if they are unable to cure this error by using the previous one. 

  • Firstly press “CTRL + SHIFT + ESC” keys to open the “Task Manager”.
  • Then click on the “Processes” section, and find “[ANTIVIRUS].exe”
  • Then click on it and then hit “End Process”. (Uninstallation of the security program is recommended). 
  • At last, close it and then open QB again. 

Method 5: To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15106: Rename the folder 

To cure this error one should rename the folder where the QB update file is available. Steps are mentioned here: 

  • Firstly open File Explorer by pressing the “Windows + E” keys.
  • And go for the path “C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks(year)\Components”.
  • Now find the folder naming “downloadqbXX”, (XX means year).
  • Right-click on it.
  • Go for the “Rename” option.
  • At last, you have to add “.old” at the end of the file name.
  • Now open the QB again. 

Method 6: To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15106: Call an Expert for assistance 

If this error is not rectified by the above-mentioned steps then one call on the support number. The helpline is available 24/7 and you will get renowned certified experts and professionals that will resolve your problem easily and you don’t have to try all the methods.

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This error happens when the user is not able to use the QB payroll update. Firstly ensure that you have an active QB account. This can happen when UAC is enabled. One can terminate this error by following simple methods but if you face any problem then don’t hesitate to have some assistance. Just call on the support number.


Q. How can I fix QuickBooks error 15106?

QuickBooks issue 15106 can be fixed by rebooting your computer. Install updates if asked. If the problem persists, remove and redownload the update. QuickBooks Desktop’s Update Now tab, then Get Updates, starts the download.

Q. Can network issues cause QuickBooks error 15106?

Yes, QuickBooks error 15106 can be caused by network problems. Incorrect software updates can occur in QuickBooks if the program cannot retrieve updated files because of connectivity problems or network disruptions, leading to error 15106.

Q. What is the procedure to fix the Payroll Update Errors?

Check your payroll subscription and internet connection to fix QuickBooks payroll update issues. Update QuickBooks and check UAC settings. If problems persist, manually install payroll tax table updates, run QuickBooks File Doctor, and check firewall and security settings.

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