It is one of the common errors that are faced by many QB users. One can stumble this error while downloading or installing payroll updates. The occurrence of this error does not allow QB users to work forward. It appears like:

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077

Some methods to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077  are listed below:

  • Verify the Service Information of your software.
  • Repair your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Register your account and update QuickBooks software.
  • Check or change your UAC settings.
  • Change the name of the CPS folder.
  • Perform a clean installation by following all steps.
  • Verify for a duplicate copy of QuickBooks.
  • Data damage and its verification.
  • Run the “reboot.bat” file.

Causes of Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077 

Quickbooks Error PS077 usually pops up while updating and uploading the latest Tax Table or Payroll Update. Some of the other reasons are:

  • The tax table may be expired or out of date. 
  • The tax-table file or files may be damaged/invalid in the Payroll component/folder.
  • Check, you may not register QB software.
  • Some information is outdated or incorrect.
  • Billing details were mentioned wrong or may be out of date.
  • OB seminal files or your company files may be damaged or corrupted. 

Symptoms of the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077

These are some signs which describe the occurrence of QuickBooks Payroll Error. Please review these points:

  • You will be not allowed to download updates of Payroll. 
  • Users are not unable to use the tax table.
  • Payroll updates will not be installed or not able to download.
  • While working, a user feels some glitches and slows down.
  • The computer starts performing low.
  • QB Error PS077 window pop-ups on the screen.

Remember Some things before Resolving Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077

  • Verify that your system has single QuickBooks software installed on it. 
  • You have to validate the QuickBooks Payroll subscription. If already have please check it. 
  • Please perform a backup of the software.
  • Please consider billing information to be correct. 
  • Update your account to the latest released version. 

How to Fix Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077?

There are many ways to conqueror this error. Have a closer look at every method and its steps. 

Method 1 to resolve Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077:- 

  1. Close your QB accounting software.
  2. Review that it is not working behind the task manager.
  3. Restart your system.
  4. After rebooting, open QB software. 
  5. Now make a try to install a newer version of Payroll.

Note: This mentioned solution is sufficient when there is a small error in the software.

Method 2 to resolve Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077:-

  • To initiate this method, sign out from your QB software.
  • Now, consider that all tabs are closed in the system and verify this thing through the taskbar. (Open taskbar by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously).
  • Now open QB software again and try to update the payroll.

Note: If the same error pop-ups then try this path:

                                                File —-> Utilities —-> Repair QB

Method 3 to resolve Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077:

  • Check for your QuickBooks license by opening your QB accounts and there will be the remainder for updating the older version of QB. 
  • The billing information is seminal and considerable, please review it carefully.
  • Next step to “Go to Files”— >>> “Utilities to verify” and create your “QuickBooks Data”.
  • Users using Windows 8 and 7 have to shut down UAC and then try to download QB payroll updates.

Solution based on single & multi-desktop user

Scenario One: If the User is using the single desktop version of QuickBooks 

Please consider these things if you are using single QB software Desktop version:

  • Please go for a backup of all seminal data.
  • Close the application and review this by using the taskbar.
  • Next step to open the “Run” window.

1. Windows 8 Users

  • Visit the “Windows System”.
  • Open “Start Screen”.
  • “Right-click” the icon “Background to all apps”.
  • At last select “Run” and open it.

2. Windows 7 and XP

  • Hit the “Start” button when as an administrator you are not logged in.
  • Go to “Start”—–>>> “All Programs” —–>>> “Accessories”.
  • At last click on the “Run”.

3. Windows Vista

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Type “Run” in the search bar and press “Enter”.

Scenario Two: If you using multiple versions of software QB.

Considering this error, please install a clean and fresh QuickBooks desktop with the latest version.

Steps are mentioned here:

  • Firstly, delete the present version of QB. Also, other installations are needed to be uninstalled. 
  • It is seminal to reset the QB update, so do it asap. 
  • Now initialize the process of downloading the payroll tax newly released version to keep QB updated. 
  • Now verify all the data of the company.
  • After verification, now tax table is to be updated.
  • If you successfully followed these above-mentioned steps then this error PS077 will be solved.

Help From Technical Support for Troubleshooting Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077 

You just have to listen to your problem and have a sapient approach on a munificent method to conqueror this problem. Customer care executives are always eager to solve your problem and endorsing users with an excellent solution for their respected problem or issue. Don’t hesitate to have words with our expert. Just dial our number. You can also call them for other issues and errors as well

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Bulk import, export, and deletion can be performed with simply one-click. A simplified process ensures that you will be able to focus on the core work.

Worried about losing time with an error prone software? Our error free add-on enables you to focus on your work and boost productivity.

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