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Detail Analysis: QuickBooks Web Connector | Different Methods to Fix QuickBooks Web Connector Error

QuickBooks Web Connector provides you with an interface that helps to interact with the 3rd party web-based apps. This also helps the companies to send the invoice, estimates, and other vital stuff using their special specific solutions easily. It is also noticed that before using QB, companies use different applications to meet their requirements and QB also provides support to these 3rd party applications. That’s why this QB Web Connector tool is the best component that provides the double-entry system in two different apps efficiently. 

It works on the technology SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). It can automatically pull the information and sync as per the schedule. It is called the XML file which provides a bridge between the Web Applications and QB Desktop components. This connector is supported by QB Pro, QB Premier, and QB Desktop Enterprise, etc. 

It also helps users to make the connection between QB Web apps and QB Point of sale using the files like QBPOSXML and QBXML. This error does not allow the users to create the log files and restrict the users to open the file of the company. 

Some Common QuickBooks Web Connector Errors:

You know QuickBooks Web Connector has lots of issues and errors. Some of the errors are mentioned below: 

  • QBWC 1005
  • QBWC 1006
  • QBWC 1007
  • QBWC 1008
  • QBWC 1009
  • QBWC 1011
  • QBWC 1012
  • QBWC 1016
  • QBWC 1018
  • QBWC 1019
  • QBWC 1020
  • QBWC 1022
  • QBWC 1023
  • QBWC 1024
  • QBWC 1030
  • QBWC 1032
  • QBWC 1033
  • QBWC 1035
  • QBWC 1037
  • QBWC 1038
  • QBWC 1039
  • QBWC 1040
  • QBWC 1048
  • QBWC 1085

These mentioned errors can occur and are going to be frustrating for the users as they cause delay and abruptness of all the processes of QuickBooks. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Web Connector error

  • The software QB freezes for some time. 
  • There is no response from the Operating System. 
  • The user is not able to write or create the “Log” file.
  • You might face some errors related to the “Log” files. 
  • Whenever this error persists, QB opens without using or enabling any “Web Connector” & “Log” files.

How does QuickBooks Web Connector error occur? 

Some of the reasons behind the occurrence of this error are: 

  1. This error persists when the user is not able to depict the log files. 
  2. If you take help from the damaged or incorrect to use the “.TXT” files. 
  3. It occurs when the connector is delivering the vital information to the QB using 3rd-party programs.
  4. It may appear due to irregularities and damage in the log files. 
  5. Because of a damaged or corrupted “Web Connector”.

How to treat QuickBooks Web Connector Errors?

You can cure this Web Connector Error by choosing the following mentioned effective methods:

  • Delete the files of Web Connector
  • Provide a new name to the file “QWCLOG.TXT”
  • Use 3rd party Apps to connect the file of the company

Note: The user should ensure that the “Web Connector” of the QB is active. 

How to activate the QuickBooks Web Connector?

  1. Access the “Run” window. 
  2. In the search bar type “msconfig”.
  3. Hit OK.
  4. Go for the tab “Startup”.
  5. Find the option QB “Web Connector”.
  6. Check Mark on the option. 
  7. Choose “Apply”.
  8. Now the user has to press “OK”.
  9. At last, restart the workstation. 

Now find the best method from the mentioned one and apply the steps carefully. 

Method 1:- Provide a new name to the file “QWCLOG.TXT”

  1. Look at the taskbar. 
  2. Choose the QB “Web Connector”.
  3. “Right” click on it.
  4. Hit “Exit”.
  5. It’s turned to open the “Windows File Manager”.
  6. Just follow the mentioned path: 

                       “C”🡪” ProgramData”🡪 “Intuit”🡪 “QBWebConnector” 🡪”Log folder”

  1. Consider the file “QWCLOG.TXT”.
  2. Right-click on it.
  3. Choose the option “Rename”.
  4. Give it a new name as “QWCLOGOLD.TXT”.
  5. Save it. 
  6. Access the application “Web Connector” again.
  7. Restart the workstation. 
  8. At last use the online app of the QB. 

Method 2:- Delete the files of Web Connector

  • The initial step to start the workstation. 
  • Then try to log in as the Administrator.
  • Consider the path: 
  • At last, delete the “Web connector” file of QB.

Method 3:- Use 3rd party Apps to connect the file of the company

To initiate this process, one should make sure that the file of the QB is connected to the 3rd party apps properly, then follow the steps: 

  • Open the Run window. 
  • You will see the run window.
  • In the search bar, type MSConfig.
  • Press OK.
Type msconfig in Run box - Screenshot
  • Choose the Startup tab.
  • Just mark on the checkbox of the option QuickBooks web connector.
  • Choose option Apply.
  • Hit OK.
  • At last, restart the workstation.