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Solved: QuickBooks Error 1334 | Recovery of QuickBooks Error 1334 Step By Step

QB is a very advanced software in terms of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and many more. Every small scale and large scale businessman can use this remarkable software. Apart from its merits, users may encounter some errors and technical issues while using this program. Quickbooks Error 1334 is also a part of such issues or problems. It may be caused while repairing, installing, or updating Quickbooks. You will view a new window whenever this error arises. You may experience it while giving a name to a file. The message or window that appeared is: 

QuickBooks Pro Error 1334

Quickbooks Error 1334 may occur due to damaged “.NET Framework” as it is very important as it is useful while installation of the QB. 

Potential Causes of Quickbooks Error 1334

This is a very common error, some of the major and potential causes due to which this error arises are:

  • Due to the removal or deletion of major files of the QB. 
  • The installation or update process is improper. 
  • Malware or virus can infect the QB. 
  • Because of a damaged or corrupted file “.NET Framework”.
  • If the registry files of the windows are damaged or corrupted. 
  • Third-party apps can arise to this error. 

Symptoms Of Quickbooks Error 1334

  • The system speed becomes slow.
  • The workstation slows down or freezes.
  • The input values respond very late. 
  • The system crashes badly or unevenly. 
  • This will hinder the installation process.
  • Whenever this error arises you are not able to update it. 

How to vanish QuickBooks Error 1334? 

Whenever this error arises, the user’s work is abrupt but the elimination of this error is also a convenient and easy task.  There are lots of methods to cure this error. Some are:  

But before the elimination process looks for the installation of the file .NET Framework of the work. To do so steps are mentioned here: 

  • Adopt proper installation of the Application
  • Repair or Initiate the Update Process 
  • Fix Microsoft .NET Framework 
  • Use Advanced methods
  • Configure the Extension 
  • Install QB again 
  • Manually Resolve this Error 
  • Remove/Add or Remove programs

How to activate the “.NET Framework”? 

  1. Visit the Start Menu
  2. Tap on the Control Panel.
  3. Choose Programs.
  4. Access the Windows tab. 
  5. Select turn on or off
  6. Mark check box which is on the right of the .NET Framework. 
  7. Hit OK.
  8. Wait a while until the process ongoing finishes.
  9. If the message popups for the update of the Windows then hit Yes.

Some Effective measure to Cure QuickBooks Error 1334

Method 1 to Remove Quickbooks Error 1334: Adopt proper installation of the Application

This error can be encountered by the user while installation of the QB. To prevent this error follow the instructions mentioned below: 

  • Find the file having the “.QWB” extension. 
  • When you find it, double-tap on it. 
  • Finally, open it. 

Method 2 to Remove Quickbooks Error 1334: Repair or Initiate the Update Process 

If you are facing this error regularly, then install QB again and initiate the update process. Before processing this you must take backup of all the files and then uninstall the QB and the files related to companies. After that install it again. Users should ensure to select the latest version and install it properly. 

Method 3 to Remove Quickbooks Error 1334: Fix Microsoft .NET Framework 

If you are not able to process the installation of the QB completely then .NET Framework can be a major reason for this issue. You first need to uninstall the framework file and install it again. In addition to this process, the user should use the QB Install Diagnostic Tool to counter this problem. This tool will diagnose the real issue properly and eliminate that one effectively and fastly. 

Method 4 to Remove Quickbooks Error 1334: Use Advanced methods

These advanced tips are more effective and useful. To execute or use these tips steps are: 

  • Initially restart the workstation. 
  • Login into the system as Admin by using the proper credentials. 
  • Go for Accessories.
  • Select the Programs & system tools.
  • Choose the option Restore.
  • Select the option “Restore My PC”.
  • Hit Next Button. 
  • Choose a list as a Restoration point. 
  • Hit Next.
  • Whenever the verification screen reflects on the screen, choose the latest system restore date. 
  • Press the Next button. (Wait for few minutes)
  • Finally, restart the workstation. 

Method 5 to Remove Quickbooks Error 1334: Configure the Extension 

  • To access the file follow the path: 
                                        C: \Users \Public \Documents \Intuit\ QuickBooks.
  • Configure that the extension of the file is “.QBW”.
  • If it is not the same then choose Rename. 
  • Write “.QBW” at the end of the file’s name. 

Method 6 to Remove Quickbooks Error 1334: Install QB again 

This method can be chosen by the user when the previously mentioned steps do not work. 

  • Visit the Control Panel.
  • Select the QB program.
  • Choose the option to uninstall it. 
  • Now download the latest version.
  • Go to the official website. 
  • Select the latest version. 
  • Download it.
  • After download, install it properly.
  • Open the file after the installation process finalizes. 
  • Open the Downloads folder. 
  • Choose the downloaded file i.e. exe file. 
  • Now accept the Agreement License and all the required terms and conditions. 
  • After the installation process, open QB. 
  • Finally, check that the error persists or not. 

Method 7 to Remove Quickbooks Error 1334: Manually Resolve this Error 

  • Initially Login as an Administrator in the workstation. 
  • Go to option “Accessories and Programs”.
  • Now choose “System Tools”.
  • Then go for the option “Restore”.
  • Select the “Restore my PC with an earlier date” option.
  • Now it’s time to press “Next” two times.
  • At last, a verification screen will appear. 
  • Start the system again. 

Method 8 to Remove Quickbooks Error 1334: Remove/Add or Remove programs

  • Initially open the Start Menu.
  • Type here MSConfig.
  • Open the Boot tab.
  • Select the Boot option.
  • Go for Safe Boot
  • Select Network.
  • Hit OK.
  • Now Restart.
  • Start the system in the Safe Mode.
  • Open QB normally. 
  • Choose Help.
  • Select Update QB.
  • Go back with the previous or starting steps. 
  • Now deselect the Safe mode.
  • Start workstation again.
  • Install the update whenever the update option is prompted.


This Quickbooks Error 1334 is a very common error faced by the user while repairing, installing, or updating QB. Whenever this error persists you will be notified by some message or new window. Elimination of this process does not require any extra technical knowledge but if you are facing any issue or problem then call us without laziness and hesitation.