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QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data Error

QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data

Due to technological advancement, everything is becoming simple and secure. QB is also an emerging advancement if we talk about technology advancement. It makes difficult things easier. Apart from its benefits, one will also face some errors while using it. It is a user-friendly software for every small-scale and large-scale businessman. Apart from its merit, one can also face some errors but you can also cure this error easily. If you face any problem then contact an expert, just call us. You can face this error while up-gradation, re-installation, or installation of any file, or sometimes QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data. To review its causes, symptoms, and solutions stick to this article. 

What is QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data Error?

Whenever this error occurs you may see different codes. You may face this error while installing the QB the first time. The message that appeared is “Could Not Initialize License Properties”. Some of the different codes that you may encounter are 

You will see this error whenever the QB software is unable to render or read the license data. It can also appear due to a missing or damaged file. After pressing “OK”, the message appeared is: 

Note: To eliminate this error one should reinstall the software by immediately inserting the CD. It may occur due to corrupted vital files of the company. 

Major Causes of QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data

When this error occurs you have to find the proper reason for its occurrence. Make sure that the information on the license is properly saved in the system. The major reasons for its appearance are: 

  • Obregistration.dat: The “.dat” file is very vital as it stores or contains license information. Damage or corruption of this file can cause this error. 
  • MSXML component: It is a very vital component. It may be caused whenever the user wants to open the QB software. This component can help you to access the information back in the respected “.dat” file. It helps to use or open the QB seamlessly. 
  • Anti-Virus: The installed Antivirus application or Windows Defender can quarantine the vital files of the QB.   
  • Outdated OS: Due to the use of an outdated version of the Windows or Operating System this problem has occurred. 
  • Because of placing QB software from one device to another. 
  • Because of the corrupted or damaged file of the bought license.
  • When the current QS is not suitable for the QB software. 
  • Because of the damaged or corrupted MSXML file of the QB. 
  • Due to the movement of the vital data from Workstation to the Local Drive and vice versa. 
  • The installed Antivirus or firewall may quarantine the vital file of the QB or company. It can also delete or quarantine financial data. 
  • A network connection problem can interrupt the functioning of the QB software. 

Major Symptoms of QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data 

Major symptoms that appear when this error appears. Some of the main symptoms are: 

  • The error code may appear or the error message is shown. 
  • The user is unable to access the file of the company or vital data.
  • Some users also experience some lag or glitches while entering some data. 
  • Unexpectedly shut-down of the workstation. 

How to eliminate QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data Error?

To eliminate this error one should use effective methods to fix it. You just need to consider proper solutions and follow the steps mentioned carefully. These methods help the user to diagnose the symptoms, signs and after that fixing them. Some of the methods are: 

  • Solve it manually 
  • Use QB Tool Hub
  • Install Entitlement file again
  • Update Operating System manually

Solution 1 to remove QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data Error: Update Operating System manually

If you are still using an older version of the QB. You firstly need to check the operating system carefully then go for its update if you encounter an older version. The steps are: 

  • Select the “start menu” icon.
  • Choose “All Program”.
  • Go for the option “Windows Update”.
  • Just wait for some period so that the update process completes. 

Solution 2 to remove QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data Error: Install the Entitlement file again

This file contains information about the details. When it is unable to send vital information to the QB software, this error arises. To initiate the process, just consider the steps: 

  • Start the “Run” tab. 
  • Follow the path:

                    “C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8” 

  • Hit “OK”.
  • You will see a “Window Explorer” window. 
  • Then delete the file “.ecml”.
  • Finally, close the current window. 
  • Open QB again. 

Solution 3 to remove QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data Error: Use QB Tool Hub

This software allows you to create the damaged or corrupted file automatically. It helps eliminate any errors like license, validation, and handling related errors. 

  • Initially close QB. 
  • Download QB Tool Hub.
  • Install it carefully by choosing appropriate options. 
  • Choose the section “Quick Fix My Program”.
  • Open the tool and enter the issue that you are having. 
  • Tap “Ok”.
  • Open that QB software again. 

Solution 4 to remove QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data Error: Solve it manually 

After applying all the previous methods if the error persists then go for this error. The steps are: 

  • Choose the “entitlementDataStore.ecml”.
  • Recreate this file. 
  • Now go for the option to resolve the registration glitches and license details. 
  • One can also use the tool “QB Install Diagnostic” to fix MSXML, C++ pitfalls, and .NET Framework of Microsoft. 
  • Install the QB again whenever the clean installation takes place. 
  • Run the file “reboot”.
  • At last, update the QB. 

Winding Up!

If you encountered QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data Error then don’t worry. You can fix it yourself easily and eliminating this error does not allow the user to learn new technology or technical skills. If you face any problem regarding any error, then call us. Don’t hesitate to just call us, we are available 24*7 for you. 

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