Troubleshoot QuickBooks Banking Error 9999 – Quickly Solved

QuickBooks Error 9999

QuickBooks is a renowned financial software. It allows the small scale businessman and large scale business. QuickBooks Error 9999 occurred due to problems while updating the bank details or vital information. This is also known as script error and banking error. Whenever this error arises you are not able to add any feed related to banking and the user is also not able to download any bank transaction with the use of the bank website. This may also occur if the user wants to update the bank information or details. The message received is: 

“Sorry, we can’t update your account. Please try updating again later. (9999)”

What is QuickBooks error 9999?

QuickBooks error 9999 happen a lot of the time. One error that users often see is banking error 9999. If you get problem 9999, it’s a script problem that can stop your link to your bank and QuickBooks Online. This error causes the system to freeze, react slowly, or stop working altogether. This situation could have a significant effect on how the business runs. When you try to change your bank details, QuickBooks banking error 102 shows up. If you run into this problem, the good news is that you can either report the error yourself or ask for help from professionals in QuickBooks online support.

Potential Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 9999 

  • You are not able to connect with your respected bank.
  • The browser used by you is not working properly or getting frozen. 
  • The process becomes slow. 
  • The dialogue box appears on the screen. 

Major Reasons of QuickBooks Error 9999 

Major and some potential reasons are: 

  • It may occur due to the slow speed of the internet. 
  • Due to some hassle while troubleshooting the error. 
  • Due to a corrupted or damaged version of the QB. 
  • Mis-matched or change in the data can arise this problem. 
  • The workstation is unable to catch the commands of the input devices like the keyboard and mouse. 
  • It may occur when you run to the application at the same time. 
  • The user is unable to connect by QBO with the bank. 
  • The connection between the server and the bank takes a long time to connect. 
  • Incomplete installation of the QB.
  • Due to the corrupted registry of the Windows. 
  • Due to deleted or removed files mistakenly this error can arise. 
  • The Firewall or Security software may block the server or website or bank to connect. 
  • Some of the cookies or cache files stored in the browser or system can cause this error.

QuickBooks Error 9999

How to eliminate this QuickBooks Error 9999? 

If you are facing this error, firstly diagnose the cause and symptoms. To eliminate this issue consider the best method and follow the steps carefully. If one method is not working then go for another. Some of the methods are

Solution 1: Report the Problem

  • Go for the “Report Issue” icon by visiting the screen “Bank Transaction”.
  • Check whether the installed software may have some problem or not. 
  • On the “Report Issue” icon enter your registered name and e-mail address.
  • Then press the “Submit” button. 
  • All the issues will eliminate automatically within 10 days.

Solution 2: Reconnect the Bank Account

  • Initially disconnect the QB Online Account
  • To highlight the account, tap on the “Edit” icon. 
  • Edit Account Info” should be selected.
  • Select the “Disconnect this account on save”.
  • Then choose “Save”.
  • Tap “Close”. 
  • Renew the link and to do so visit the dashboard. 
  • Choose the respected bank account and again connect to the QB online account. 
  • Add Username and password properly.
  • At last, update all the transactions in the QBO account. 

Solution 3: Delete Browser History

  • Initially access the Internet Explorer.
  • Select the option “Favorites”. 
  • Go for option “History”.
  • Visit the “Menu” section.
  • Click on the “History”.
  • Delete all the search History. 
  • At last, hit on the “Delete”.

Solution 4: Repair the Registry File 

  • Press the “Start” button.
  • In the search box type “Command” to access the command box. 
  • Press and hold “Ctrl + Shift”.
  • Press “Enter” simultaneously. 
  • Hit “Yes” when a permission dialogue box is prompt. 
  • Now the cursor starts blinking and a black box has appeared on the screen. 
  • There type “Regedit”.
  • Press “Enter”.
  • Select the “Error 9999”. 
  • Go to the “File” menu.
  • Select the option “Export”. 
  • Save the respected backup key by mentioning it in the file name. 
  • Hit Save.
  • The user should make sure that the extension is “.reg” of the file.  
  • Finally, you will get the backup of the registry entry of the QB.

Solution 5: Manually import the transactions in QBO 

If you are facing this error, then try to finish the task manually. To do so steps are: 

  • Go to the Banking section using the Dashboard
  • Choose Banking
  • Select the Update for updating the transactions manually.

Solution 6: Reconnect the Bank Account and connect it again 

To disconnect the Bank Account steps are: 

  • Choose Banking on the left side of the panel.
  • Choose the Edit icon.
  • Select the desired accounts to disconnect. 
  • A checkmark in the “Disconnect this account on the save” checkbox in the window “Account”.
  • Go for “Save and Close”.

Steps to Connect the Account again:

  • Select the “Banking” tab on the left pane. 
  • Choose “Add Account”.
  • Add the credentials to log in.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • Consider the instruction of “Security Verification”
  • Tap on the “Securely connect”
  • Select the desired icon of the bank.
  • Select the account from the section “Account Type”.
  • Select the Bank account or Credit Card.
  • Add an account. 
  • Finally hit Connect.

Solution 7: Login using the Web Browser 

Due to security reasons, bank login requires extra security verification. To do so steps are: 

  • Access the Web Browser. 
  • Visit a banking website. 
  • Enter login credentials. 
  • Answer the question appeared carefully. 
  • Enter OTP for the bank website. 
  • Now try to add feed or transactions again. 


QB is a very famous software and some errors can also come into view, Quickbooks error 9999 is also an error that is caused due by problems while entering data regarding the bank. The user is unable to download the transaction by using the website of the bank. To eliminate this error user does not need to learn extra IT skills. Just consider the best method and apply it carefully. If you want any assistance then call us immediately without hesitation.


Q. How to fix error message 9999 on QuickBooks online?

To fix Online banking Error 9999 in QuickBooks, log out and back into your bank account. If you’re still having trouble, try updating your bank account information, logging in through your web browser, clearing your cache, or importing transactions straight into QuickBooks Online. These steps can often quickly fix the problem.

Q. Can I prevent QuickBooks Error 9999 from occurring?

If you want to avoid 9999 QuickBooks error, you might want to stop and reconnect your bank account in QuickBooks. Click on the Banking area on the left, pick out the account you want to disconnect, and in the Account window, check the box that says “Disconnect this account on save.” Then, click “Save” and “Close.”

Q. Is there a way to manually import transactions if QuickBooks Error 9999 persists?

If QuickBooks Error 9999 keeps happening, you can try importing transactions by hand as an alternate. To begin, go to the Banking area and click on the File Uploading option. Then, pick the file to upload, connect it to the correct QuickBooks account, pick the transactions to import, and check them for accuracy after they’re done.

Q. Is there a downtime for QuickBooks Online that could cause Error 9999?

Sometimes, you might get Intuit QuickBooks Error 9999, a script error or cross-origin that can stop your Internet connection and QuickBooks Online. It usually shows up when you try to change your bank information or your computer can’t run a script from a website.

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