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Solved: QuickBooks Error 6123 | QuickBooks Error 6123 Retrieval Step By Step

Some reasons for the occurrence of Quickbooks Error 6123

    • The “Firewall” is blocking the network or any port. 
    • Some QB database or files is corrupted or damaged.
    • An old version of the QB.
    • Operating System or Windows is not working properly (damaged).
    • Due to McAfee Antivirus private settings. 
    • If more than one version of the QuickBooks database service is installed or running on the system.

Major Symptoms of Quickbooks Error 6123

  • The error message is displayed on the user screen.
  • The company file is not opening in the QB software.
  • The QB software is not responding properly.
  • The present Window OS is corrupted.
  • The workstation hangs up or stops for some minutes.

QuickBooks error 6123 usually appears on the screen when you want to restore the backup or while opening the file of the company. If a user is using the “Multi-User” mode and opening a company file, this error may occur. The error message appears like this:

                           QuickBooks error 6123

                             QuickBooks error 6123

How do you fix QuickBooks Error 6123?

It can be cured in the following mentioned ways:

  • Rename “.TLG” AND “.ND” file. 
  • Try to adjust the company file to a newer location. 
  • Use “Auto-data recovery” options. 
  • Disable or uninstall antivirus programs. 
  • Create a fresh window user by reinstalling QB.

Solutions to solve QuickBooks Error 6123

Lots of methods are available for solving Error 6123 Some of them are mentioned below with descriptions and steps.

Solution 1 to remove QuickBooks error 6123:- Rename “.ND” and “.TLG” file

  • At first, visit that folder where the company file is stored.
  • Locate the “.ND” and “Right” click on the “.ND”
  • Now “Rename” the file to “.ND old”.
  • Similarly, find the “.TLG” file and rename it to “.TLG old”.
  • Now open the QB.


               QuickBooks Error 6123

Solution 2 to remove QuickBooks error 6123:- Locate Company file to another folder/location

If the user is unable to access the vital file of the company, then move that file to a newer location. Note: Before moving it to another location, save a backup for that file.

                    QuickBooks Error 6123

Solution 3 to remove QuickBooks error 6123:- Auto Data recovery Function

This error may be caused due to corrupted or damaged company file. So use the “.ADR” copy of the file and check it works or not. 

Solution 4 to remove QuickBooks error 6123:- Turn-off all System Security Software

Some of the users use “McAfee” security software. This software may consider the company files as malware or virus. After that, it may quarantine the vital company file. Therefore, disable all antivirus or security options available on the system.

Solution 5 to remove QuickBooks error 6123:- Install the QB again

To execute this solution, have a look at the steps mentioned below:

  • Open “Control Panel”.
  • Find your QB software.
  • Now click on the icon and uninstall it
  • QuickBooks Error 6123
  • After uninstalling the current version, download the software again.
  • Open your download folder and install the setup by clicking on it. (The setup requires a License and the Product Number).


                          QuickBooks Error 6123



  • After finalizing the installation process, open QB and check for the Error (solved of not).

Solution 6 to remove QuickBooks error 6123:- Create a new “Windows User”

Sometimes the “Window User” login is damaged or corrupted. To cure this happening, you have to cure the new “Window User”. The steps are listed below:

  • At first open “Control Panel”.
  • Tap on the “User” icon.
  • Now select the option “Create New User Choice”.
  • The next step is to choose the “Administrator” as the user type.
  • From the existing user, “Logout”.
  • Now restart your system and “Login” again by submitting the necessary details.
  • After following all the steps, move your files to the main desktop and start using QB.

                               QuickBooks Error 6123

Solution 7 to remove QuickBooks error 6123:- Irrelevant Characters in the Filename

The user should make sure that the name of the company file does not exceed 30 characters. Also, the file name does not have unnecessary space and special characters. Check your file name and correct it to resolve the present problem.

Solution 8 to remove QuickBooks error 6123:- Set correct/proper permissions to the Folder

The user should provide all the permissions to the company file. For doing this, visit that folder where the company file is being placed. Then provide all relevant permissions to that file.


QuickBooks Error 6123