Solved: QuickBooks Error 1904

QuickBooks Error 1904

QuickBooks accounting software is one of the vital software that is commonly used by millions of medium and small-sized organizations throughout the world. It is famous because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Apart from its merits, the user may also face some glitches or errors. QuickBooks Error 1904 is one of the common problems faced by users. That’s why this article is introduced to you. This may be caused due to an unstable workstation or when any vital file of the QB is missing. It may be caused when the system is improperly maintained. 

The message that appeared on the screen is: 

Error 1904: [file path / name / extension] failed to register

This can be a very serious problem as it can abrupt the process of QB. 

QuickBooks Error 1904

Vital Points of QuickBooks Error 1904

  • Users should update QB in every workstation on which QB is installed in multi-user mode. 
  • Users should update workstation and server regularly in multi-user mode. This may be 
  • Operate QB as an administrator. 
  • You should also refresh the internet settings or the connectivity of the LAN. 

Major Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1904

Some of the symptoms due to which this error occurs are mentioned below: 

  • The updates of the QB are not available automatically. 
  • Memory storage devices are not working properly. 
  • You may face some glitches in the system. 
  • Vital files of the company may not work properly. 
  • The files of the company are getting missed consequently as time passes. 
  • The workstation gradually becomes slow. 
  • The message has appeared which an indication of the error existence is.     

Potential reasons behind QuickBooks Error 1904

Some of the key factors or reasons due to which this error persists are as follows:

  • Due to missing or deleted components of the Operating System. 
  • Due to storage devices like HDD, SSD issues of reading & writing. 
  • Due to the use of the expired version of the QB. 
  • If the source of the QB software may create issues. 
  • Due to damaged QB installer files. 
  • Due to improper happenings made by Firewall or Security software. 
  • Due to the older version of the QB. 
  • Whenever a new OS is installed on the workstation. 
  • It user is not having the required permissions to install QB. 

How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904? 

Now you are considerate about this error, it’s time to learn about its solutions. You can solve this error by just considering the best method and consequently follow the steps properly. Some of the effective methods are: 

  • Install QuickBooks as Administrator
  • Review the Permissions
  • Configure the file QBversionTool.dll
  • Install Adobe Flash Player 
  • Review Bit-Defender settings
  • Fix Windows Components manually
  • Install QB again and log in again
  • Check Permissions of the User
  • Change A/c settings of Windows 
  • Use QB Diagnostic Tool and QB Tool Hub

Solution 1 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Use QB Diagnostic Tool and QB Tool Hub

  • Initially install QB Tool Hub. 
  • After downloading the file, you can install it by double-clicking on it. 
  • If the installation process completes, follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • Locate the icon of the tool. 
  • Click on it. 
  • Go for the option Installation issues.
  • Now select the QB Install Diagnostic tool. (It may take 20 minutes) 
QuickBooks Error 1904
  • Restart the QB software just after the completion of the process. 

Solution 2 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Change A/c settings of Windows 

  • Initially access the Administrator account of the user. 
  • Now go for menu Windows start.
  • Go for the search bar.
  • Type CMD.
  • Spot the icon of CMD run. 
  • Right-click on it. 
  • Select option “Run as admin”.
run as admin- screenshot
  • In the respected command window, type “net user administrator/active:yes
  • Select the tab Enter
  • Whenever the command is completed, close it. 
net user administrator or active yes - Screenshot
  • Go for the Windows start menu.
  • Tap on the option sign out.
  • Now go for the Administrator Account
  • Login in thereby adding the required credentials. 

Solution 3 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Check Permissions of the User

  • Initially open the menu windows start.
  • Open the search bar.
  • Type their file explorer.
  • Open it accordingly
  • Consider the location C:\Program Files\Common Files
  • Select the Common files folder.
  • Go for tab Properties
  • Select the tab Security.
  • Click on the option edit.
Security tab - Screenshot Image
  • Select users names or users in the group section.
  • Now turn on all the permissions that are mentioned below:
    • List folder contents
    • Read
    • Modify
    • Read & execute
    • Write.
Changing windows account settings 1904- screenshot
  • Click on the option apply.
  • Hit OK.

Solution 4 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Install QB again and log in again

  • Before implementing this solution, the user should be recommended to create a backup file of the company then follow the steps of this solution carefully. Make sure that the process does not affect the existing file of the company. 
  • Then go for the menu windows to start.
  • Now Sign out or delete the account of the admin.
  • Now Sign in using a usual account. 
  • Open the Start Menu of the windows.
  • Locate the Search Bar
  • Type CMD there. 
  • Tap on the icon CMD run.
  • Go for option run as admin.
QuickBooks Error 1904- run as admin- screenshot
  • Now in the command window type “net user admin/ active:no”.
  • Press enter

NOTE:- If you are now able to open QB with the use of a regular account then it is expected to be fixed. 

Solution 5 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Fix Windows Components manually

If you are not able to eliminate this issue then you can try to fix some components of the windows. You have to fix two components their names are 

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft MSXML

The user needs to either repair these respected 2 files or uninstall them. Once they are repaired you have to restart the system and open QB again. 

Solution 6 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Review Bit-Defender settings

You have to consider this solution whenever you are a user of Bit-Defender. You can simply disable this software and get rid of this 1904 Error. The user has to add the software QB to the exclusion list of this security software Bit-Defender. 

  • If you are having 32- bit Operating System of Windows: Put C:\Program files\Common files in the exclusion list.
  • If you are having a 64-bit Operating System of Windows: Put C:\Program Files\Intuit (C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit) in the exclusion list

Solution 7 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Install Adobe Flash Player 

  • Initially open the Start menu.
  • Now access the Control Panel.
  • Open it. 
  • Now go for the option “uninstall a program”.
QuickBooks Error 1904 Uninstall adobe flash player - Screenshot
  • From the list select Adobe Flash Player ActiveX.
  • Go for option uninstall.
  • Follow the upcoming screen instructions for uninstalling it. 
  • Now Download the Adobe Flash Player. 
  • Install it once again.
QuickBooks Error 1904

Solution 8 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Configure the file QBversionTool.dll

If you want to use this method then you have to use the QB Install Diagnostic Tool. The user needs to fix the file QBversionTool.dll. This can eliminate this error easily. 

Solution 9 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Review the Permissions

  • Initially access the Start Menu of the Windows.
  • In the search field, type Notepad.
  • Now in the note, type QBTEST.
  • Access the File menu.
  • Then select option Save as
  • Save the file to the path: 

C:\Program Files\Common Files


C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files

If the user is not able to save the file in the above-mentioned path then he/she should sign in again and access QB as Administrator. 

Solution 10 to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1904: Install QuickBooks as Administrator

  • Initially, the user has to access the Start Menu of Windows. 
  • Choose option sign out.
  • Then select an account. 
  • User Administrator account to install the QB. 
  • At last install QB and open it. 

Additional Methods to eliminate the issue 

  1. It is recommended to stop the services of antivirus or security software. 
  2. Check the bandwidth of the Internet. 
  3. Always try to update QB regularly. 
  4. You should uncheck the option Multi-User Setup Shared. 

Additional Guidelines

  • If the user is using QB Database Server Manager then all the above-mentioned solutions do not work, you have to install the original .exe file. 
  • The user should not install the QB with Run as Administrator.
  • Use Avalara Avatax after installing the original .exe on the respected server. 
  • You should install the server with the correct QB.exe installed on the server. 
  • Hit OK.
  • Follow the path to access AvaTax configuration:

(File > AvaTax > Configuration)

  • Run QB as an administrator. 
  • Select the option “Test Connection”.


We hope after reading the full article, you are well considerate about QuickBooks Error 1904 and the most effective methods to eliminate this error. You don’t need to master any technology or learn any technical knowledge. If you are not able to cure it personally then call us directly. We have a dedicated team available 24*7 for you.

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