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Solved: QuickBooks Script Error | Recovery of QuickBooks Script Error Step By Step

What is QuickBooks Script Error?

QuickBooks Script Error happens when a user wants to open the webpage using the software QuickBooks and it would not be loaded. Sometimes it is caused due to improper settings in a web browser. This error is frequently caused and does not cause any effect on the vital files of the company. The error message is 

“A problem has taken place in the script of this page”

The message window looks like this: 

QuickBooks Script Error

So we will discuss its major causes, symptom, and most important its solutions. 

Why QuickBooks Script Error occurs? 

  1. When a user is using an invalid account to import some important data or a file.
  2. Due to blocked or disabled script processing functions. 
  3. When some spyware or malware affects your system.
  4. When this error popups occasionally with one website. 
  5. When some of the software like Adobe Flash, Java are damaged or corrupted.
  6. When blocked components like Active X Components are Miss-Placed.
  7.  The user of the window is corrupted or damaged. 
  8. The cache folder of the respected web browser is damaged and no more files can store in it. 
  9. If some wrong changes are made by the system.
  10. It appears when a user tries to import an invoice or a bill whose records are not matched with the assets and accounts pending. 
  11. Sometimes the name of the account or number is the same. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Script Error

  • The desired page is not opening in a web browser.
  • You may feel some slow-down in the process. 
  • The script debugging is enabled.
  • An error window has appeared on the screen.
  • The user is not able to import and export vital data. 
  • You are not able to store more cache or cookies in the web browser. 

Solutions of QuickBooks Script Error

Eliminating QuickBooks Script Error is not a difficult task, just follow all the mentioned steps carefully. There are lots of methods to terminate this error, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Open the trusted websites 
  • Make the Script Debugging disable 
  • Clear all the Cookies and History 
  • Turn-off Add-on 
  • Clear SSL Certificates 
  • Set your Default Browser 
  • Configure Compatibility View settings 
  • Solution based on the scenario: 
  • Error caused due to Importing the files
  • Error caused due to exporting the files

Method 1 To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error:- Open the trusted websites 

To cure this error, a user should add the trusted websites in the web browser. To check that the website is trusted or not, steps are:

  1. Open your “Internet Explorer”
  2. From the Command Bar select Tools.
  3. Now click on the option Internet.
  4. In the “Internet” option select the Security tab. 
  5. Now tap on the Trusted Sites.
  6. Now made Require server verification (HTTPS:) uncheck. 
  7. Then add “.intuit.com”.
  8. Now close the window.
  9. Make sure that the option “Enable Protected Mode” uncheck.
  10. Close the Internet Explorer.

Method 2 To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error:- Make the Script Debugging disable 

To disable this option one should have open internet explorer first. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Internet Explorer and visit the Internet Options
  2. Now click on the “Advanced” tab. 
  3. Scroll up and down and firstly find the mentioned options then disable them.
  • Disable Script Debugging Internet Explorer.
  • Disable Script Debugging other
  1. Finally “Apply” and hit OK.

Method 3 To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error:- Clear all the Cookies and History 

This method can be cured through internet explorer or the browser you are using. Steps are mentioned here:

  1. Open your browser or internet explorer.
  2. Now open the Browsing History section.
  3. Now delete all the cookies, history, and temporary internet files. 
  4. Mark or select all the files.
  5. Tap the Delete button.
  6. Hit OK

Method 4 To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error:- Turn-off Add-on 

To disable this option, you have to open Internet Explorer. The required steps are mentioned below:

  1. After opening the internet explorer then select the Internet option. 
  2. In the Programs tab tap on the Manage Add-ons option.
  3. Now users have to click on the Add-on option and Disable it.
  4. Finally hit OK and mark exit.    

Method 5 To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error:- Clear SSL Certificates 

  1. Firstly open Internet Explorer.
  2. Now click on the Gear icon.
  3. Choose the Internet options.
  4. In the Content tab and tap on the Clear SSL State button.
  5. Finally, save the changes and hit OK.

Method 6 To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error:- Set your Default Browser 

If a user doesn’t want to experience this error then he/she should make Internet Explorer the default browser. Steps are mentioned below:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Visit the Program tab in the Settings option.
  3. Now select the Make Default option.
  4. Finally, make Internet Explorer your desired browser by selecting 

Method 7 To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error:- Configure Compatibility View settings 

  1. Firstly open your Internet Browser.
  2. Tap on the Gear icon.
  3. Visit the Tools option and then select Compatibility View Settings.
  4. Now find Display all websites in compatibility view and checkmark it. 
  5. Finally, close all the windows. 

Method 8 To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error:- Solution based on the scenario: 

  • Situation 1:- Error caused due to Importing the files
  1. Open the Internet Explorer.
  2. Visit the Tools menu and go for the Internet option. (If tools are hidden then you have to press the Alt key.
  3. Opt Advanced tab.
  4. In the Script Error Box clear the option Display a Notification.
  5. Finally hit OK.
  • Situation 2:- Error caused due to exporting the files
  1. Firstly make sure that you have Internet Explorer of 32bit compatibility. 
  2. Now open your “Internet Explorer”.
  3. Then delete all the History, Cache, and Cookies. 
  4. Now restart the Internet Explorer. 
  5. Also start exporting files using the software QuickBooks.