QuickBooks Sync Manager Error | What is & How Does It Work?

QuickBooks Sync Manager Error

What is QuickBooks Sync Manager Error?

QuickBooks Sync Manager is an option that syncs securely and privately with the necessary and useful third-party apps. It also helps to sync with some of the vital internal features of the QB. This feature was removed by the QuickBooks Authority on May/31/2016, because of some technological advancement. Its discontinuation is due to some developers that provide a bridge to the applications and QuickBooks third-party plugin problems are in the testing mode. Now we will look for its root causes, symptoms, and some solutions to eliminate this QuickBooks Sync Manager Error. The message window shown on the user screen looks like this: 

QuickBooks Sync Manager Error

Some of the messages appeared on the screen:

  • Intuit sync manager discontinued
  • Error loading files from path Intuit sync manager
  • Sync manager error QB
  • How to remove the Intuit sync manager
  • Intuit sync manager not working
  • How to sync QB Desktop with online
  • Intuit sync manager has stopped working
  • QB sync manager not working

What are the Main Causes of QuickBooks Sync Manager Errors?

  1. Due to some of the damaged components or files. These may be deleted or missing. 
  2. Improper network connectivity can interrupt the transfer of the data. 
  3. Sometimes Internet security or firewall settings can block the sync process of the QB.
  4. If you don’t have the latest updates of the QB Sync Manager. 
  5. Due to error 3003

Some of the Error codes

Apart from the causes, and symptoms, you should consider some of the codes in detail. Some of the codes are: 

  • QuickBooks Sync Error 5_13944: It may appear due to network connectivity and wrong firewall settings. It may appear while exchanging or sending a seminal file of the QB. 
  • QuickBooks Sync Error 17_7118: It is caused due to the change of path of the respected file. It may be caused when you move a file to a non-readable disk on the workstation. 
  • QuickBooks Sync Error 17_7300: It may occur when QB is not able to write the downloaded file or data while syncing. It is also caused due to blockage in the write-back process. 

How to Fix QuickBooks Sync Manager Error?

Eliminating this error does not require any additional skill, you have to consider the steps carefully: 

  • Change the name of the Manager Folder
  • Eliminate QB Sync Error 17_7300
  • Eliminate QB Sync Error 5_13944
  • Eliminate QB Sync Error 17_7118
  • Eliminate QB Sync Error on Win 10
  • Check Intuit Sync Manager Settings
  • Install Manager Again 
  • Eliminate QB Sync Manager 2014

Method 1: Change the name of the Manager Folder

  1. Firstly, you need to close the QB application and file of the company. 
  2. Now update QB to a new or latest version. 
  3. Using the System Tray, tap on the Sync Manager Icon.
  4. Now hit Exit to close the manager. 
  5. Consider the path for the folder that is mentioned: 
    1. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Intuit
  6. After correcting the path of the folder rename it by adding old in the name. 
  7. Finally, restart the workstation. 

Method 2: Eliminate QB Sync Error 17_7300

  1. Initially access the file of the company. 
  2. Click on the Edit using the menu bar.
  3. Select it. 
  4. Choose Integrated Applications as shown on the left side. 
  5. Tap on the My Preferences Tab as shown in the right pane. 
  6. Now check on the box considering the Company Preferences. 
  7. Now Sync the vital data or information again. 

Method 3: Eliminate QB Sync Error 5_13944

  1. Initially ensure that the URL of the server that is completely related to the Manager is running or blocked. 
  2. Now consider the link to open it using the browser installed in the workstation: 
    1. https://services.intuit.com and or https://datasync.intuit.com
  3. These URLs should not be interrupted by the Internet Security and Firewall. 
  4. Visit the Folder “SyncManager”.
  5. Now remove or delete the “crt” file.
  6. Install the Manager again or reset it 
  7. Now check for the error, persist or not. 

Method 4: Eliminate QB Sync Error 17_7118

  1. Initially Close Sync Manager
  2. Also, close the QB company file and its application. 
  3. Open the QB software again but don’t access any of the files.
  4. Update QB Desktop by downloading the newly released version. 
  5. Open the Sync Manager and check for its version, if it still showing the previous or old one then update it. 
  6. Now syncing again by opening the manager.
  7. Finally, check for the error. 

Method 5: Eliminate QB Sync Error on Win 10

Sometimes upgrading the Operating System can create this error. So here is the solution if you face this type of issue. You may face it because of damaged, missing, or incompatible components of the QB Sync Manager. The steps for fixing this issue are: 

  1. Initially closed QB and also opened company files. 
  2. Update it if you are using any previous version. 
  3. Meanwhile using the System Tray, click on the Sync Manager icon. 
  4. Click on the Exit option to close the Manager. 
  5. Subsequently, consider the folder location as follows:
    1. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Intuit
  6. Change the name of the folder by adding old to the name of the folder. 
  7. Restart the workstation, and subsequently open QB again. 
  8. Also, try to Sync again and look for the error that it exists or not. 

Method 6: Check Intuit Sync Manager Settings

To consider the Manager settings go for these steps: 

  1. Initially open QB. 
  2. Select Manage Data Sync to form the Help Menu
  3. Now reset the Manager. 
  4. Choose Reset Data Sync by using the prompt. 
  5. Now Sign in again by adding the necessary credentials to fulfill the process.

Method 7: Install Manager Again 

  1. Initially open QB. 
  2. Also, access the company file which is having any issues related to Sync Manager. 
  3. Create a backup in the local drive or an external device. 
  4. Open the Control Panel 
  5. Choose Programs and Features 
  6. Then click on the QB icon. 
  7. Now choose the option Uninstall/Change to uninstall the QB. 
  8. Consider this path and rename the final folder that you will reach. The folders path are: 
    1. C:\Users\(current user)\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks20XX
    2. C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks (year)
    3. C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks (year)
    4. C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks(year)

Note: You just need to edit the folder by adding old to the name of the folder. 

  1. Now Press F12. 
  2. End all the processes related to the QB using the Task Manager.
  3. Now download QB again with admiration of the new or latest version of the software QB. 
  4. You just have to follow the necessary installation instructions for installation. 
  5. After installation, restart the workstation. 
  6. Open QB and activate with a valid license and key. 

Method 8: Eliminate QB Sync Manager 2014

This Sync Error persists when the file in the “Intuit Sync Manager” is corrupted, damaged, or missing. To fix this 2014 error, one should rename the folder that contains this damaged file. Steps are:

  • Firstly close “Intuit Sync Manager”.
  • Rename it to “SyncManager.old”.
  • Now open QB. 
  • Then visit Intuit Sync Manager”. 
  • A folder for the manager is automatically created by applying these above-mentioned steps. 
  • Now tap on the “Sync”. 
  • Finally, review whether the error persists or not. 


QuickBooks Sync Manager error arises due to problems in the internal features of the QB like sync manager. This may occur due to some damaged components or files. Sometimes Internet security or firewall settings can block the sync process of the QB. To eliminate this error you don’t have to learn any IT skill, you just have to consider the steps carefully. If you want any assistance then have some words with our support team, call us! You will get immediate help.

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