Easy Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error 30159 [Updated Methods]

Every business should pay their employees on time. This way, your workers will be happy with the work and willing to do a better job. However, everything will not always be perfect. One day, you might receive an error message, such as QuickBooks Error 30159. Using QuickBooks for payroll can be really helpful for businesses. There are times when it can lead to issues. One common problem that users face is QuickBooks Error 30159 particularly when working with the payroll feature. Incorrect system configurations often lie at the heart of this error for Windows users or those utilizing Windows software. This error has the potential to disrupt your system or crash the program you are running.

In this guide we find out all the information about QuickBooks payroll error 30159 along with practical steps to resolve this payroll related issue swiftly.

What’s QuickBooks Error 30159?

The QuickBooks Error 30159 is an error that users may encounter in the QuickBooks payroll. This error is usually accompanied by a warning message: “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close”. The error may result from QuickBooks failure to verify the user’s payroll subscription for several reasons . The reasons include, but are not limited to, an expired QuickBooks subscription or a payroll subscription, improper file setup in the user’s Windows OS, or attempting to add the already existing payroll subscription to QuickBooks’ payroll account.

QuickBooks Error 30159

In order to fix this error, the user should first check if their payroll subscription status is active. If it has expired, the user needs to renew their subscription . The user can also employ the QuickBooks Tool Hub, to diagnose and fix the cause of the error . Since the error could result from several causes, it is important to address the specific cause of the dysfunction to maintain the smooth functioning of the system and prevent further problems.

Signs of Quickbooks Error 30159

If you’re facing QuickBooks Error 30159, here’s what you might see:

  • A message appearing in the form of 30159 error on your screen.
  • Your computer slows down.
  • The program you were using stops working because of the error.
  • Windows doesn’t respond properly.
  • Your computer might sudden go on a shutdown.

Understanding the Mystery of Error 30159

The cryptic message “Can’t Verify Payroll Subscription—Error 30159” means QuickBooks Desktop cannot check if your payroll subscription is normal. As always, different things can be blamed for such dysfunction. Let’s examine them one by one:

  • Subscription status issues. There are the most frequent reasons for the error. If your payroll subscription has expired, QuickBooks will be unable to verify it.
  • Subscription information mix-up. If the username you use for your version of QuickBooks does not coincide with the one used for the payroll subscription, a problem with verification is imminent.
  • Corrupt file. Some files in your QuickBooks may be damaged, or your PC file system may be screwed up. In this case, the programme cannot verify anything.
  • Incomplete installation. If there was an error during QuickBooks Desktop installation, some verification components might lack the required functionality.
  • Inactive EIN. The number you used for payroll is not active or was turned off, so QuickBooks cannot verify it.

Diagnosing the Problem: A Detective’s Toolkit for Identifying the Cause

Before we fix things, let’s figure out what the cause of Quickbook error code 30159 is. Use this guide for that:

  • Check Your Subscription: Is your payroll subscription still active, or may it have expired? Log into QuickBooks and go to “Subscriptions.” Look at the date.
  • Compare Account Names: Make sure the username you have in QuickBooks is the same one you are using to log into the payroll. If they are different, that’s probably the issue.
  • File Integrity Investigation: You can run “File Integrity Investigation” to see if there are any problems with your QuickBooks files.
  • Check your QuickBooks installation: Open “Add or Remove Programmes” on your computer. Find “QuickBooks Desktop” in the programme list, and see if the installed date is correct. Also, make sure all the components are there. If you are not sure, you may need to uninstall it and then install it again.
  • Check Your EIN: Your employer identification number should also be checked at the IRS website, or you can call customer service to verify that. If it’s inactive, fix it first with the IRS.

Based on the checks you have done, you now have a better idea of the issue that is causing this error. Now that we know what causes the 30159 error, let’s fix it!

 Eradicating the Error: A Multi-Pronged Approach to Conquering Error 30159

Now that we know what’s causing Quickbook desktop Error 30159, let’s fix it! Here’s how to solve the problem:

Scenario 1: The payroll subscription has expired.

payroll subscription has expired

Fix: Renew Your Subscription

  • Find your account and go to Quickbooks.
  • In your dashboard, find and click payroll.
  • Look for the “Subscriptions.” section.
  • Find your payroll subscription and renew it.
  • Attempt to run payroll to see if the repair has worked.

Scenario 2: Wrong Subscription Information

Fix: Make Sure Your Username Matches

  • Check if your QuickBooks username matches your payroll subscription username.
  • If they are different, update the username in QuickBooks. 
  • You may need to contact Intuit Support or your payroll provider.

Scenario 3: Corrupted Files

Corrupted Files

Fix: Use QuickBooks File Doctor.

  • Run QuickBooks File Doctor to find damaged files and fix them in no time. 
  • If it does not help, backup your data. 
  • Then reinstall QuickBooks Desktop. Be careful, and follow the instructions.

Scenario 4: Installation Not Complete

Fix: Reinstall QuickBooks

  • Uninstall QuickBooks through “Add or Remove Programmes.”.
  • Download from the Intuit website the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Install it, making sure it is compatible with your computer. Follow the steps properly.

Issue 5: Inactive EIN number

Inactive EIN number

Fix: Get in touch with the IRS

  • Call the IRS to get your EIN number status.
  • Inform them about the QuickBooks error you received and ask them about your EIN number status.
  • If your EIN number is inactive, then ask them to get your EIN number active.
  • And try the payroll in QuickBooks then.

That’s it! Just follow these steps, and you should be able to sort out Error 30159 with no trouble.

Advanced Tactics: Tips and Tricks 

If it has not worked yet, do not worry and here are more things you can do to make error 30159 Quickbooks desktop go away:

  • Check your internet. Is it working fine? If QuickBooks cannot check your subscription and tax information, then the problem has to do with a poor internet connection. And it could be due to a bad or weak one.
  • Firewall and antivirus. They sometimes hinder your system from requiring QuickBooks, but then you can turn them off and restart the payroll again. But please make sure to switch them back on when you finish. Do not forget to do it!
  • Selective startup: Restart your computer in “Safe Mode with Networking.’’ This will deactivate any other program that can cause the error to appear, but only the basics will start. If, with the networking on, the error disappeared, then you need to find out which other programme or software is causing it.
  • Data Integrity Verification Tool: Lastly, try using a special tool that verifies data integrity. This can actually solve the problem if the error had something to do with big issues with the former QuickBooks’ files. Since this is a tricky tool, ask someone who is into IT for help.

Seeking Professional Help: When to Call in the Cavalry

You might not solve the error 30159 on your own. Here are some signs when it’s better to call a professional:

  • Technical Expertise Needed: If you can’t determine what’s wrong with your files or how to reinstall software, ask for help. A pro will do it for you without putting your data at risk.
  • Complex Issues: If you can’t deal with the error message, your data is being corrupted. An expert can find out what’s wrong. They have special tools and more knowledge to help you identify everything you’ve missed.
  • Data Security Concerns: If you believe your data is at risk or that system instability might be the cause of your problem, hire someone. They will make sure everything is safe. Professionals can share tricks for creating backups and show you how to recover everything from them.

Stay Safe from QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 30159: Simple Ways to Protect Your QuickBooks

Quickbooks payroll error 30159 need not trouble you anymore. To make sure your QuickBooks runs perfectly:

  • Get Updates Automatically: You need to keep QuickBooks and your tax information updated. When updates happen automatically, you get all the latest fixes and safety updates. This will also help you with errors in the old software.
  • Keep Backups: It is advisable to save your QuickBooks information regularly. It ensures that your data is securely stored; in case things go wrong, like your file getting destroyed or lost, you have essential information with you. You can save backups on an external drive or online storage, which will keep your information safe.
  • Looking after your computer: Do routine tasks to keep your computer faster and looking good. Some of the tasks are cleaning your files, checking for any virus attacks, and sorting out your drive, especially when you have a hard drive. These generally help QuickBooks work properly.
  • Don’t Forget Your Subscription: Maintain a note of when your subscription has run out or when the next update is available. The best way is to keep reminders so during payroll you are not short of anything. Everything runs smoothly.


Now that you know how to fix Quickbooks Error 30159 and prevent it from happening in the future, you’re ready to see if your payroll works as expected. If an unexpected error occurs, don’t get frustrated right away. Instead, seek help from Intuit’s support website or apply the solutions in the QuickBooks Tool Hub if the error comes from them. You can also try contacting a computer wizard or an experienced QuickBooks user for help if you want. With a little effort, you can easily manage your QuickBooks payroll and ensure that everyone gets their paycheck on time. If you’ve got more questions or need help. Feel free to get in touch with us. We’re here to built this 24/7 service especially for you.


How do I know if I’m experiencing Error 30159 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks will tell you it can’t check your payroll subscription if you have Error 30159.

What steps can I take to resolve Error 30159?

Follow the steps we mentioned before. Check your subscription and files, delete temporary files, and upgrade your software. If that doesn’t work, use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool or perform a system restore if you have no other options left.

Should I seek professional assistance to fix Error 30159?

It’s not a bad idea if you’re not confident you can fix Error 30159 on your own and the steps we’ve listed here don’t work for you.

Can I troubleshoot Error 30159 on my own?

Yes, you can! Everything you need to know is in this guide. Follow the steps we mentioned, and you should be able to fix Error 30159. If you have a knack for computers and can follow directions, go ahead and do it. But if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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