Solved: QuickBooks Error 15241

QuickBooks Error 15241

What is QuickBooks Error 15241?

QuickBooks is a seminal software helpful for bookkeeping and accounting. It is modern software with lots of usual tools making it very efficient and flexible. Apart from some facilities, you may encounter some errors and this QuickBooks Error 15241 is one of them. QuickBooks Error 15241 is usually related to payroll-related problems. The received error message is: 

“The payroll update did not complete successfully”

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15241

Some signs that reflect this error:

  1. The workstation restarts automatically and unusually. 
  2. The software responds sluggishly. 
  3. The system freezes for few minutes. 
  4. The user is unable to go for the payroll update. 
  5. You will get an error message or notification of the screen. 
  6. The response to the input is slow or sluggish.
  7. The registry files of Windows are corrupted or deleted.  

Causes of QuickBooks Error 15241

Some of the main reasons for the occurrence of this error are:

  • Due to damaged installer of MS Windows. 
  • Some of the system settings are missing. 
  • When the FCS (File Copy Service) is disabled. 
  • Due to some improper entries in the Window registry file. 
  • Due to the deletion of the vital windows registry entries.
  • Installation of the payroll update is not completed. 
  • Malware or Trojan attack is one of the prime reasons.
  • Improper shutdown of the system or power failure. 
  • Antivirus can abrupt the update process. 
  • Sometimes the file of the QB is deleted or stored on the other workstation. 

Solutions to eliminate QuickBooks Error 15241

Vanishing this error does not require any additional IT training. User facing this error just execute the mentioned steps of the given methods:

  • Update the Tax Table
  • Start FCS services 
  • Update using CD 
  • Check Services 
  • Re-register QuickBooks 
  • Re-validating Key 
  • Call an Expert

Method 1 to resolve QuickBooks Error 15241:- Update the Tax Table

Firstly, you need to update the tax table of the Payroll section. Steps are:

  1. Initially visit the “Employees” menu.
  2. Select “Get Payroll Updates”.
  3. Now mark check on the “Download Entire Update”.
  4. Then hit “Update” and wait for the installation to complete. 
QuickBooks Error 15241
QuickBooks Error 15241 Solution

Method 2 to resolve QuickBooks Error 15241:- Start FCS services

Disabled FCS services can cure this problem but first, you need to close all processes of the QB software. Further steps are:

  1. Double click on the icon My PC or My Computer.
  2. Choose Manage.
  3. Now click on the Services & Applications
  4. Select the QB FCS option.
  5. Scroll down and go for Startup type.
  6. Select on the General Tab.
  7. Then select the Manual option and choose Apply.
  8. Then select Start and hit Ok.
  9. After going through all these steps, open QB and update it. 

Method 3 to resolve QuickBooks Error 15241:- Update using CD

If you are not getting an update from the update file. Steps are:

  1. Firstly close QB
  2. Then get your updated CD and insert it.
  3. Select the update file and open it. (Filename:- update.dat or update3.dat)
  4. Open it and reply to every option and prompt.
  5. This click on the Install and hit OK.
  6. Now install the update on every workstation. 

Method 4 to resolve QuickBooks Error 15241:- Check Services

For Windows 7, 8, and 10:-

  • Firstly close QB. 
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Select the “My Computer”.
  • Go to the manage section. 
  • Now choose the Services and Application tab.
  • Double-click on the services.
  • Go for the QB FCS option. 
  • Then select Manual.
  • At last Apply-> Start-> Ok

For Windows XP:

  • To initiate the process close QB. 
  • Now follow the path: My Computer>>Manage>>Computer Management.
  • Then choose the Services and Application and open the Services section.
  • Scroll up and down to find Intuit QuickBooks FCS services, open it.
  • Now a window pop-up is named Intuit QuickBooks FCS Properties
  • Visit the General tab, and select Manual as the Startup Type
  • Finally hit “OK”.
  • Now open the QB Desktop.
  • Download the product and Payroll update. 

Method 5 to resolve QuickBooks Error 15241:- Re-register QuickBooks

To register QB again you have to use Reboot.bat file. Steps are:

  • Close QB again.
  • Look at the desktop and Right-click on the icon of the QB.
  • Then go for Properties.
  • Choose the Open File Location
  • Now find Reboot.bat file and double-click on it. 
  • Run it and it will de-register QB and its all files.
  • Whenever the Window closes, then restart your system.
  • Now install QB again. 

Method 6 to resolve QuickBooks Error 15241:- Re-validating Key

If we look at Payroll services and updates, re-validating the key can resolve this error. Steps are:

  • Open QB.
  • Open the Employees tab from the taskbar.
  • Choose My Payroll Service key.
  • Click on Activate Service Key.
  • Now a new Service Keys Window appears. 
  • Edit the key and also select presently using payroll.
  • Click on the Next icon.
  • Finally hit Finish

Method 7 to resolve QuickBooks Error 15241:- Call an Expert

If you are unable to eliminate this error 15241 by using any six of mentioned methods then go for the 7th one. Just make a call and you will 100% readymade solution. Don’t hesitate to call on the support number if you are getting any problems or whenever your mind has a query.


QuickBooks Error 15241 is related to the payroll update. This arises whenever you want to open the update related to payroll. Solving this error does not require any new skill to learn. You just need to follow the steps of the mentioned vanishing methods for error 15241. If you are having any problem just have assistance from your QB expert any solve your query. 

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