[Updated Methods] Fix QuickBooks Error 6150 and 1006

QuickBooks Error 6150 and 1006

The causes of QuickBooks error 6150 and 1006 are different and include many possible problems. These problems could be caused by a broken copy of the QuickBooks software, trying to open a file without starting the program, or running into a virus that stops QuickBooks from working correctly. Also, these errors can be caused by wrong file extensions, which shows how important it is to check file extensions for QuickBooks to work smoothly. You need to know these reasons to troubleshoot and successfully fix QuickBooks errors 6150 and 1006.

What is QuickBooks Error 6150 Status code 1006?

QuickBooks error 6150 1006 codes are part of the 6000 series and usually mean a problem with the company file. People using QuickBooks often must correct this error when opening or using company files. Changing the extension of a backup file while trying to access it is another usual way to get this error. This error can slow down work and make saving critical financial data in QuickBooks harder. Finding and fixing the error’s root cause is necessary to get back to normal and ensure that QuickBooks can continue running smoothly so that you can handle your financial chores effectively. QuickBooks Error 6150 Status code 1006 comes to your screen when the user is working, opening, or creating the company file. It may occur due to incomplete/ improper installation done for the software QuickBooks.

Causes behind Quickbooks Error 6150 Status Code 1006

Any error which comes in software come due to the many of the reasons sometimes there is the faulty installation of the software or user is not able to take care of those things which are necessary to run the software smoothly. The causes behind the Quickbooks are as follows.

  1. The company file which user wants to get access is either damaged or it got corrupted.
  2. If the installation of the Quickbooks software is not done properly the user can face the issue.
  3. The company file got a different extension at the end of the name.
  4. If the user deleted the company file or by any of the antivirus installed into the device the Company file will no longer accessible.
  5. The operating system or the company file got attacked by the virus.

Steps to Solve the Quickbooks Error 6150 Status Code 1006

No matter what the error is the user still needs to get rid of the error so that they can do their work on the software. The steps of removing the QuickBooks error 6150 status code 1006 are given below User can follow these steps to remove the error.

Company File Backup Restore-

  • At first, the user needs to open the Quickbooks software onto their desktop and from the File tab, they need to click on the Open or Restore company file.
  • After this, they will see an option of Restore a Backup copy the user needs to click on this option, and then they need to click on the Next button.
  • Click mark the Local Backup option and click on the Next button.
  • Click the open button and press the next.
  • Click on the save in button and now the user needs to select the folder in which they want to save the backup company file.
  • In the file name field, the user needs to type the name, and then they need to click on the Save button.
  • There will be a window of Save As click on the Yes option.

Antivirus Scan of the Device-

If the virus has attacked the user device it is advisable for the user that they install antivirus into their device. And then they need to scan their device in order to find out the virus. Because their instances where the virus has attacked the device of the user and corrupted all of the files which were being stored. And if the virus has corrupted the Company file, then it no longer is accessible for the user.

Quickbooks Software Reinstallation-

There are times when the installation of the Quickbooks software is not done right and when the user tries to get access to some of the Quickbooks file they get the error. And if the user tried all of the methods and still, does not get any success they need to remove the Quickbooks software from their device and reinstall the software from the scratch.


These QuickBooks error code 6150 and 1006 happen when the QuickBooks software isn’t installed correctly when you try to open a file without starting the program or when you run into a virus that stops QuickBooks from working. Information technology understanding is optional to eliminate this error. The instructions should be followed with great attention to detail. If the error continues to occur or you are looking for a speedy solution, please contact our technical specialist for assistance. Helping you is a pleasure for our specialized, highly skilled team.


Q. How can I fix QuickBooks Error 6150 and 1006?

Users can do several things to fix QuickBooks error code 6150 1006. They can restore a backup of the company file, use QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery if it’s available, make a new company file, look for the CryptoWall virus, use the QuickBooks file doctor tool, get rid of any viruses on the PC, open a sample company file, or get the latest version of QuickBooks software.

Q. How can I prevent QuickBooks Error 6150 and 1006 in the future?

To avoid getting QuickBooks Errors 6150 and 1006 in the future, back up your company files regularly, keep your system healthy, don’t change files directly, and use reliable antivirus software that doesn’t mess up how QuickBooks works.

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