Solved: QuickBooks Error 6073 | QuickBooks Error 6073 Retrieval Step By Step

QuickBooks Error 6073

Introduction To QuickBooks Error 6073

What is QuickBooks Error 6073?

In “single-user” mode. When you are requesting to open the company file. QuickBooks Error 6073 comes to your screen. It appears when the other user is trying to open the file which is already in operation by another user. 

How to solve QuickBooks Error 6073?

To solve this problem, you should turn on the “multi-user” mode instead of the “single-user” mode of QB. 


Detail About QuickBooks Error 6073

Quickbooks is one of the best accounting software which helps the user in maintaining the finances of their business like they can create reports for account payables and account receivables in order to make and receive the payment on time. For the owner, it is very important that they manage the expenses but if they are facing any kind of difficulty, they can manage the expenses by connecting the bank and credit card with the Quickbooks software. if the owner wants to see the performance of their business, then they can do it by creating reports like balance sheet, profit, and loss statement, and cash flow statement in the Quickbooks which will allow them to see the actual picture of their business. The Quickbooks software also helps the owner in order to manage their taxes, owners can manage the salaries needs to given to their employees via Quickbooks software.

As the user gets the features of Quickbooks which helps them in solving their financial-related problem but their problem rises when they have to face the Quickbooks error. There is a long list of Quickbooks which can come in front of the user at any point in time. So, it will be better for the user that they keep themselves ready to face the error. As soon as the error comes in front of the user, they want to solve the error as quickly as possible so that they can carry on their work. But before user looks for solving the error at first, they need to know what Quickbooks error has appeared in front of them. This will help the user to solve the error quickly and easily.

As to help the user we are listing out the steps how the user can solve one such Quickbooks error if it appears in front of the user when they are working on the software. The code of this Quickbooks error is 6073, this error comes in front of the user when they try to access the company file. So, for the user, it is important to know the causes of this error as it will help them in solving the error.


Causes behind the Quickbooks Error 6073

  1. One of the reasons users facing the error is that the same file has been opened in the single-user mode.
  2. If the user has saved the file in a read-only folder, then they tend to face the issue.
  3. If Network data files are corrupted then the chances of getting the issue increases.
  4. A file got renamed with a different extension.


Steps to solve the Quickbooks Error 6073

  1. Quickbooks File Doctor tool- To remove the error user can use the Quickbooks file doctor tool and if the user is not aware of how to use the tool, then they can follow the steps which are given below.
  2. In the beginning, the user needs to download the tool and install the same in the folder which they can easily access.
  3. Once the tool gets installed user needs to open it and then they need to go in the section of the Company file issue.
  4. Now there will be an option of Run Quickbooks file doctor user needs to click on that option.
  5. Now from the drop-down option user needs to select the Company file, the user can also browse the company file.
  6. Now user needs to click on the middlebox of their file and then they need to click on the continue button.
  7. Once the user performed the above steps then they need to provide the admin password of the Quickbooks and select the next option.


  1. Multi-user mode- By following the below steps a user needs to turn on the multi-user mode on their all of the device.
  2. At first, the user needs to close Quickbooks on all of their devices.
  3. After that user needs to go on the host device and then open the company file in it.
  4. Now user needs to go on the file menu and there they will see an option of Switch to multi-user mode.
  5. User needs to turn on the mode and then restart all of their devices.


  1. Company File removes from Read-only- If the user has saved the company files into those folders which are only readable then in that case, they need to relocate those files. The steps are as follows.
  2. At first, the user needs to go on that device on which company files are hosting.
  3. Now user needs to open the company file folder and then they need to do the right click on the folder.
  4. After this user needs to go on the properties option and from there user needs to go on the Security tab.
  5. From the security, tab the user needs to select the user, and then they need to select the edit option.
  6. The user needs to mark on the Allow button apply it and click on the Ok button.


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