Solved: QuickBooks Error 6150 | QuickBooks Error 6150 Retrieval Step By Step

QuickBooks Error 6150

Introduction to QuickBooks Error 6150

What is QuickBooks Error 6150?

QuickBooks Error 6150 occurred while accessing/opening the file of the company by the user. It may pop-ups due to a damaged/corrupted company file or irregular installation of the QuickBooks.

How to solve QuickBooks Error 6150?

If you want to cure this Error then follow the following ways:

  • Change the file extension to the correct one. 
  • Reinstall the QB software. 
  • Update the antivirus before accessing the company file.


Detail about QuickBooks Error 6150

Quickbooks is an accounting software through which the business owners can create various types of reports and through those reports, they can see the actual performance of their business as these reports are profit and loss statements, balance sheet reports,s, and cash flow statements. For the user Quickbooks is a blessing as they get so many features in just one software and that too on a pocket-friendly price, the user can also manage their taxes and they can also manage their expenses via Quickbooks software. All the user needs to do is to connect their bank account and credit card with the Quickbooks software. For the user managing their taxes, they can use the Quickbooks software user needs to print their financial statements or they can invite their tax preparer and give the access of their account to them and they can print whatever information is required.

For the user, it is very overwhelming that they get so many features in just one software but the problem arises for the user as to when the Quickbooks error pops up in front of them and stops them from doing their work. As the user is installing the Quickbooks software or they are doing their working on the software user can face the issue. Now for the user, it is quite puzzling as there are many Quickbooks errors and any of the errors can come in front of them. As the list of the error is long so the user needs to keep an eye on the error message that will be pop up on their screen when they are facing the error.

In order to help the user, we are going to tell the user how they can solve the Quickbooks error 6150. But at first, the user needs to know what are the causes behind the error and what are the symptoms of the error. So, that it becomes easy for the user to solve the error on their own.


The reason behind Quickbooks Error 6150

  1. When the company which got the extension of. QBW gets damaged user can face the issue.
  2. The installation of the Quickbooks software was not done properly.
  3. The extension of one of the files is not right.
  4. If there is a virus in the user’s system then they can damage some of the files which can lead the user to face the error 6150.


Symptoms of Quickbooks Error 6150

  1. On the screen of the user, there will be an error message.
  2. As soon as the error appears in front of the user their active window will crash with immediate effect.
  3. When the user tries to open the same program, their system will start crashing.
  4. The performance of the user’s device will get low due to the error.



Steps to solve the Quickbooks Error 6150

  1. File open from Another location- If the user is able to open the company file from another location this means that the original location of the company file is damaged and requires repairment. The user at first needs to create a new folder on the desktop and then they need to go on the original folder now copy the company files and move those files into the newly created folder. After moving the file into the new location user needs to move back the file to their original location and open the Quickbooks to check whether the issue is still there or not.
  2. Restore from Backup-
  3. The user at first needs to navigate to Quickbooks software.
  4. Now click on the file option.
  5. After this user needs to select the option of Open or Restore Company file.
  6. Now select the option of Restore a Backup copy.
  7. Select the option of Local backup.
  8. In this step, users are required to select the location to save the file.
  9. Click on The Backup it will be available with the extension of. qbb.
  10. now the user needs to click on the Open button.
  11. Now user needs to go on the Save in and then select the location to save the backup file.
  12. Now save the file with the name of New company.
  13. Now user needs to make sure that the saved file is in. qbw format.
  14. After this user needs to select the option of Yes.


  1. Use of Auto Data Recover Tool- The ADR tool remakes the lost transaction as it uses the current transaction log files and it also creates a copy of the company file. With the help of Quickbooks, the ADR tool users can get most of their lost data except for the transaction done a few hours before. Below mentioned are few limitations of the ADR tool.
  2. Users can use the ADR tool only when they have Quickbooks Pro, Premier, or enterprise.
  3. The ADR tool is not compatible with the Quickbooks Accountant.
  4. The user needs to make sure that the file size does not exceed above 1.5GB.
  5. The Quickbooks should be updated.




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