Fix QuickBooks Error 179 – Causes, Symptoms & Solutions

QuickBooks Error 179

QB is accounting software used by lots of entrepreneurs, businessmen, and institutes for bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll. Some users also get to see Errors while working on it. These errors can be easily resolved or can be cured by using simple and efficient methods or easy steps. This QuickBooks Error 179 arises when the user tries to login into the Bank’s site using the workstation. You resist login into the banking services.

What is Quickbooks Error 179?

There are many possible causes of QuickBooks Error 179, which can make things even more frustrating for people trying to handle their financial data without any problems. This error is usually caused by bank login details that need to be updated or entered correctly, which prevents authentication. Also, this problem can be caused by damaged company files or missed transactions, which slows down workflow. The issue is worsened by negative numbers in bills or invoices and problems with browser data. Error 179 in QuickBooks desktop can also happen when issues connect to the internet or when multiple devices try to log in to the same bank account simultaneously. Understanding these complex reasons is important for successfully troubleshooting and fixing this problem using QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Error 179

Major Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 179

  • You are not able to access the bank account on the workstation using the QB.
  • You will experience some slow down in the workstation.
  • You will experience some low rendering processes while working on the QB software.
  • The software may be corrupted or unevenly shuts down.

Potential causes of QuickBooks Error 179

Just look at the potential causes of the Error 179:

  • Whenever the invoices or bills have negative values.
  • Due to improper values in the report.
  • When some of the transactions are missing in QB.
  • Due to some error in the file of the company.
  • When to try to login with the help of improper or wrong credentials.
  • When the multiple logins are placed in one single workstation.
  • Due to a virus or malware attack, this error can be caused.
  • Bad or improper network or wrong configuration of the system can create this problem.
  • In the Internet browser, there may be some cache issues.
  • When the reports or balance sheet is not showing all the respected accounts.
  • When some problem related to the file of the company, this problem can arise.
  • When to forget to log out from the last opened window or session.
  • Due to some of the omitting in the name and data related to the user.
  • When the file of the company is missing from the host system.
  • When the bank login details are not correct or wrong.

Methods to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 179

Troubleshooting this error can cure this error and it is an easy task also. You can terminate this error without hurdle if you are choosing to write the solution. Some of the methods for eliminating the errors are:

Solution 1: Sign out From Bank Account

  • Initially, log out from the online bank account using the website of the respected bank account.
  • Now you have to make sure that only one login is there in the single window or account.
  • Finally login into the bank account as an administrator.

Solution 2: Clear or Delete all Browsing Data

  • Firstly you have to open the Browser (Google Chrome) that you are using. Now go to the Options (Three Dots).
  • Click on History.
  • Now mark to delete all the Browser history.
  • Hit Delete.
  • At last, login into the Bank website again.

Solution 3: Update Bank details QB

  • Initially start QB software.
  • Then go to the Tools option.
  • Visit the Online Centre.
  • Opt for the Financial Institution.
  • Click on the desired Option.
  • Press CTRL+F3 using the keyboard.
  • Go to the Online Centre.
  • Now hit the options Contact Info.
  • Refresh the Financial Institution.
  • Now consider the information of the profile that appeared on the workstation’s screen.
  • The appeared screen will want you to update QB.
  • Just hit on the option Update/Send.
  • Enter the password if required.
  • Now update the account.
  • Finally, check for the error, persist or not.

Solution 4: Repair Windows Registry

  • Firstly tap on the Start Button.
  • Enter commands using the Search option.
  • Hit Enter.

Repair Registry Files

  • In the black box type Regedit which is appeared on the screen.
  • Go for Error 179 related key.
  • The user has to save the key information of the QB.
  • Create a file.
  • Name it as you like.
  • Select “.reg” extension.
  • Finally, Save it.
  • Login into the bank website and check whether the error persists or not.

Solution 5: Update data of Financial Institutions

QB is not able to read the bank details whenever there is a mismatch in the vital data. The user should check the entered bank details or if entering review them properly. Just follow the steps:

  • Start QB Desktop.
  • Choose option Tools.
  • In the menu bar select Online Centre.
  • Choose the bank or Financial Institution using the list.
  • Press Ctrl + F3 simultaneously.
  • Opt for the Contact Info.
  • Select the profile properly and you need to update the branding information properly.
  • Select proper options and make the appropriate and necessary changes.
  • Hit on Update/ Send.
  • The user should enter the passcode if it is required.
  • Hit on Update Now.
  • At last login to the website of the respected bank and check whether the error persists or not.

Solution 6: Clear or Remove Multiple Browser Login

  • Initially make sure that you should be signed out from the website of the respected bank opened in every browser window.
  • Also, ensure that no other person signed in to the bank account with the same login credentials. Have some words with him and made him be signed out from that account.
  • Enter the login details in the software QB.
  • At last, open QB and access the website of the respected bank.

Solution 7: Export the QB Desktop Backup Key

To export the data of the QB desktop backup follow the given steps:

  • Tap the “Start” Button.
  • Type “Command” in the search box.
  • “Press and hold” both keys i.e. “Ctrl and Shift” keys.
  • Hit the “Enter” key.

Export the QB Desktop Backup Key

  • You will see a dialogue box in the window, hit “Yes”.
  • In the black box, type “Regedit”.
  • Hit Enter.
  • You will see the registry editor, there go for Error 179.
  • Visit the Menu.
  • Choose the Export option.
export the QB Desktop Backup Key
  • Select the folder and choose the QB Pro Backup key using the workstation.
  • Hit OK.
  • Wait for the registry key to be updated with the use of the old version of the QB.
  • Open your Internet Browser.
  • Add all the required vital information.
  • Finally, visit the website of the respected bank.
  • Add your login credentials and access your account.

Solution 8: Access the QBWin.log

  • Using the file explorer visit the required location.
  • Just follow the path:

“C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks\log\XX.X\QBWin.log”

  • Here XX.X reflects the present version of the accounting software QB.


Now we know that after reading all the details, you are considerate about the major and potential causes, symptoms, and simple solutions to eliminate QuickBooks error 179. This Error 179 arises when the user tries to login into the Bank’s site using the workstation. This error 179 QuickBooks desktop occurs due to incorrect or out-of-date login information, a damaged business file, missing transactions, bills or invoices with negative values, etc. This error should be easy for anyone, even if they know little about computers. It is important to follow the steps carefully. You just have to follow the steps mentioned in the respected solutions. Eliminating this error does not require any additional IT skills, but if you face a problem or want some technical assistance then we are 24*7 available for you, don’t hesitate to call us.

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Q. How do I fix QuickBooks Error 179?

Begin fixing error 179 QuickBooks by checking your browser for problems, clearing your cookies, and making sure that QuickBooks has the most up-to-date information on your financial institutions. Make a backup of the Windows Registry and restore it if the error keeps happening. After these steps, the problem should be fixed, and QuickBooks should work normally again.

Q. What things should be considered before troubleshooting QuickBooks error 179?

Before trying to fix the QuickBooks 179 error, you should ensure that your company file is correct, that QuickBooks is up to date, and that you are logged in as an administrator. You should also sign in to your bank account more than once to rule out possible server problems. These steps can help you figure out what’s wrong and fix it properly.

Q. Can I access QBWin.log file in the Windows system to solve QuickBooks Error 179?

To troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 179, you can access the QBWin.log file in Windows. Open QuickBooks, press F2 or Ctrl+1 for Product Information, then F3 or Ctrl+2 for Tech Help. In the Open File tab, select QBWin.log. Navigate to the file using File Explorer for detailed error analysis.

Q. Can QuickBooks Error 6147 affect my data?

Yes, QuickBooks Error 6147 has the potential to impact your data since it limits access to company files and backups that are kept locally. If you do not resolve this problem, you may experience difficulty maintaining and retrieving vital financial information, affecting your organization’s operations.

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