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Solved: QuickBooks Error 6000 Status Code 77 | QuickBooks Error 6000 Status Code 77 Retrieval Step By Step

What is QuickBooks Error 6000, -77?

It occurs while accessing the company file by the user. Reasons are here:

  • The file is located in some external storage.
  • QB does not have permission to access the company file. 
  • Accessing the file with the help of a mapped drive.

How to resolve QuickBooks error 6000, -77?

You can resolve this error by using the following mentioned ways:

  1.     Use the “QB File Doctor”.
  2.     Change the name of “.TLG” and “.ND” and “.TLG” files.
  3.     Configure the security software and firewall settings.
  4.     Recreate the corrupted or damaged folder.

Reasons behind Quickbooks Error 6000-77:-

Quickbooks Error 6000, -77 comes across when the user tries to access/open the company file. It seems to appear like this:

  • When the file of the company is located on the external store instead of any network or local drive.
  • There is improper folder permission on which file is placed or saved.
  • The file is opened using a reference through a mapped drive.
  • Some communication error while using “Multi-User” mode.

Major Symptoms of Quickbooks Error 6000-77:-

  • The error message is displayed on the user screen.
  • The company file is not opening in the QB software.
  • The present Window OS is corrupted.
  • The workstation hangs up or stops for some minutes.
  • The QB software is not responding properly.

How to resolve QuickBooks error 6000, -77 in detail?

Lots of methods are available for solving Quickbooks Error 6000-77. Some of the solutions are:

  • Use the QB (QuickBooks) File Doctor Tool.
  • Rename “.ND” and “.TLG” files.
  • Correct Firewall Settings and Security Settings.
  • Make a New Folder for the “.QBW” File.
  • Follow the “UNC” path instead of using the “Mapped” drive.

Method 1 to resolve Quickbooks Error 6000-77:– Use the QB (QuickBooks) File Doctor Tool

Open the “QB File Doctor” tool to have a solution to network-related problems. It will help to remove blockage on multi-user connections. You can also fix the company file with this tool. If you are not able to fix this problem after applying this solution, then move to method 2. 

Method 2 to resolve Quickbooks Error 6000-77:- Rename “.ND” and “.TLG” file

  • At first, visit that folder where the company file is stored.
  • Locate the “.ND” and “Right” click on the “.ND”
  • Now “Rename” the file to “.ND old”.
  • Similarly, find the “.TLG” file and rename it to “.TLG old”.
  • Now open the QB.

Method 3 to resolve Quickbooks Error 6000-77:– Correct Firewall Settings and Security Settings 

A firewall can resist data transfer and it may quarantine some important files. It may block the server computer of QuickBooks. After completion of correct settings in the Firewall, try to open QuickBooks on a workstation that is showing the 6000-77 error. Steps are listed below:                           

  1. Consider the Firewall settings; hit the “Windows” option. 
  2. Visit the “Instrumental” panel.
  3. There, type “Firewall” in the search bar and hit “Enter”.
  4. Press “Enter”.  Then the “Advanced Settings” option.
  5. Opt “Outbound Rules” and go for “New Rule”
  6. Select “Ports” and click “Next”.
  7. Consider the following ports by clicking TPC:
  8. Hit “Next” and tap on the “Allow the Connection” option.
  9. Now in the field, add your name.
  10. The process is finished; now try to open the QuickBooks.

Note: If this 6000-77 Error persists, then follow the next method.

Method 4 to resolve Quickbooks Error 6000-77:– Create a New Folder for Your QBW File

 This process is of making a fresh folder of the QBW file:

  • Visit “C-Drive” and create a new folder.
  • Now visit that folder where the file of the company is located.
  • Now find the “.qbw” file.
  • Now copy this file.
  • Now paste it into a freshly created folder.
  • Then Create an “access” for the file to allow the user to share or exchange the file of the company
  • At last, a user should open a QB file from a new location. 

Method 5 to resolve Quickbooks Error 6000-77: Follow the “UNC” path instead of using a “Mapped” drive.

  1. Firstly “Right” click on the QB icon.
  2. Now using the keyboard, press and hold the “Ctrl” key. 
  3. Then tap on the “Run as Administrator” option.
    Note: Make sure to hold the “Ctrl” key until the message “No Company Open Window” appears as this holding prevents the QB from auto-opening a file of the company.
  4. Now consider “File Menu”. 
  5. In the file menu window, select “Open or Restore Company”
  6. Now “Open a company file”
  7. Then hit “Next”.
  8. Now look at the left pane, opt “Network” option.
  9. Now navigate or follow the location of the vital company file. 
  10. Then select a company file 
  11. Hit “Open”.