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Solved: QuickBooks Error 6010 | QuickBooks Error 6010 Retrieval Step By Step

Introduction to QuickBooks Error 6010

What is QuickBooks Error 6010?

QuickBooks Error 6010 appears when the user starts installing QuickBooks. Somehow user has to reinstall it. Some of the factors due to which this error occurs: 

  • Disconnection of “.ND”/ “.TLG” file or both. 
  • Check whether the “registry-optimization” option has deleted your QuickBooks registry.
  • Check that any antivirus software is blocking network connection.

How do you fix QuickBooks Error 6010?

Immediately solve QuickBooks Error 6010 by using the following mentioned methods:

Solution 1: Restart QB’s “Database Server Manager”.

Solution 2: Do the process of restoring the company file.

Solution 3: Switch to “single-user” mode.

Solution 4: Try to change the name of the “.ND” file.

Solution 5: Try to block the “multi-user holing” permissions.

Solution 6: Check after reinstalling QB.

Detail About QuickBooks Error 6010

For users around the world, the Quickbooks software is a blessing as they can do many things on the software which helps in many ways. The Quickbooks software is an accounting software on which users can make reports like balance sheet, cash flow report,s and profit and loss statement in order to see how their business is performing. For users around the world, they can buy the software at a very reasonable price and it has three variants and they can choose any of the variants depending on their choice and what budget the business is the owner is having. As we told you that user can do many things on the Quickbooks software one many things is the user can manage their taxes with the help of the Quickbooks software and this user needs to give access to the Quickbooks software to the person who prepares the tax on the behalf of the user and they will be able to do their thing on the Quickbooks thus the user will able to manage their taxes on the Quickbooks software. User can also print their financial records and those records to the interested parties like the business investor, or the people who are working in the business so that they can see how the business is performing and what are the assets and liabilities the business got. If the user is not able to manage their expenses on their own, they can connect their bank account and credit card with the Quickbooks software. User can enter their bills so that they can keep the track of their upcoming payment. Users can create the account payable reports and account receivables in order to make or receive the payment on time. Via Quickbooks software the user can keep the track of their inventory and how much they have costed them, the Quickbooks on their own will allocate a portion for the inventory.

As Quickbooks got so many features to help the user the only drawback this software got is that it is full of errors and any of the errors can appear in front of the user and it will stop them from doing their work. When the error comes in front of the user, they want the urgent solution of it and in some of the case, user tries to solve the error on their own. Here the user needs to keep few things in their mind before solving the error that they should have the required level of knowledge to solve them and if the user feels like the error is bigger in nature, then they try to avoid solving the error on their own. In that case, the user needs to take help from the support desk of Quickbooks software which will provide the required assistance to the user in order to solve their error. Users can try to solve the small as they do not get escalate that easy and even if the user fails to solve the error it won’t be a problem for the user. The issue for the user is that in the first step they need to recognize what Quickbooks error has appeared in front of them. This is important for the user because every error got a different reason and symptoms so when the user knows about the error code then it becomes very easy for them to solve the error.

So, to help the user we are going to list out the steps about one of the Quickbooks errors known as Error 6010. This error appears at the time of installing the Quickbooks software. The error will ask the user to reinstall the Quickbooks software into their device. The user at first needs to know the causes behind the error so that it becomes very easy for them to know about the error and thus it will become easy for them to solve the error.


Reason Behind Quickbooks Error 6010

  1. When both the network data files and transaction log file gets disconnected with the Quickbooks software the user can face the issue.
  2. The registry optimizing application installed in the device of the user deleted the Quickbooks registry file.
  3. The antivirus installed in the user’s device is blocking Quickbooks from reaching network and system resources.


Steps to Solve the Quickbooks Error 6010

  1. Restart Quickbooks Database Server Manager-
  2. At first, the user needs to reopen the Quickbooks database server manager, and then they need to scan the company file.
  3. After this step user needs to go on the start menu and then they need to click on the All-Programs option.
  4. Now user needs to open the Quickbooks and then they need to click on the Quickbooks database server manager.
  5. Now in this step user needs to select the Scan folders option.
  6. And if the folders are not there then in that case the user needs to click on the add folder button.
  7. Once the user did this, they need to scan the files again and try to open the file.
  8. Now open the company file in order to check whether the issue is still there or not.


  1. Company File Restore-
  2. User needs to make sure that they log in into their device as the admin.
  3. Now user needs to find the file which has the extension of .QBW.
  4. Now user needs to move on the file and copy the file by doing the right-click.
  5. Now user needs to paste the file on the desktop.
  6. Now user needs to open the Quickbooks software but they need to press the Control key button which will redirect the user to No company open.
  7. In this step, the user needs to click on the option of Open or restore an existing company
  8. Open the company to check the issue is gone or not.


  1. Switch to Single-user mode-
  2. Log in to the computer as an administrator.
  3. To open the task manager user needs to press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key together.
  4. Once the task manager gets open user needs to select the User’s option.
  5. Highlight every Quickbooks process.
  6. Then the user needs to select the End task in multi-user mode.