How to Fix QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or Not Responding Error?

QuickBooks has stopped working

The QuickBooks software is famous and mainly used by lots of businessmen and entrepreneurs for payroll processing, bookkeeping, accounting, and lots more. However, users may face some glitches or errors while working on it. This QuickBooks has Stopped Working Error or QuickBooks Not Responding is a common error that occurs when the software itself does not respond to the user properly. You will also see an error window that contains a message which looks like this: 

quickfixbookserror-QuickBooks Has Stopped Working

What are the common issues that led to QuickBooks has stopped working?

These are some problems faced by a user whenever this error occurs: 

  • QB is stopped working in the Multi-User mode
  • QB not working
  • QB not opening
  • QB backup not working
  • QB Freezing up
  • QB Multi-User mode is not working
  • QB not responding
  • QB has stopped working
  • QB is not online
  • Sync. Manager not working
  • QB won’t open
  • QB installation error

Why does QuickBooks not responding appear?

Some of the factors due to which QuickBooks has Stopped Working breaks out:

  • Damaged or misplaced file “QBWUSER.INI”. 
  • A damaged operating system can cause this error. 
  • Some conflict in a program file.
  • Low system requirement or configuration. 
  • When a storage device i.e. HDD or SSD is corrupted. 
  • The program file of the QB is damaged. 
  • The name of the company is wrong or too long. 
  • The characters in the QB file are beyond the limits. 
  • Due to some installation error. 
  • Wrong or improper installation of the QB. 
  • Invalid license or wrong key. 

What are the symptoms of QuickBooks has Stop Working?

Some signs that are reflected whenever QuickBooks not responding error occurs: 

  • The software QB is not starting. 
  • Users may face some lags and slowdowns. 
  • An error message window is shown on the screen. 
  • The software OB stops when the file of the company is opened. 
  • The workstation shuts down unevenly. 
  • QB is not responding to the user properly.
  • The workstation freezes for a few minutes.
  • Rendering takes a long time. 

How to fix QuickBooks not responding Error?

To fix this QuickBooks stop working error follow these steps:

  • Users should set well-suitable regional settings. 
  • The user should update QB timely.
  • Update OS regularly. 
  • The regional setting of the Windows Operating system should be set to US locale. 

Things to be preferred before using any solution 

We know these errors disturb you, so we want that you will never face an error. These are some ways to the prevention of this error: 

  • The latest version should be used by the user. 
  • The OS is updated and not corrupted or damaged. 
  • The filename does not exceed 35 characters. 
  • The firewall or antivirus should be turned off if it is creating any problems.
  • The user has all the required rights whenever he/she logs in. 
  • Pre-install QB Clean Install Tool and check it’s working. 

How to fix QuickBooks has stopped working error?

Now you are aware of its causes and symptoms and one thing remains that is its solutions. You just need to check and follow all the steps carefully. Some of the solutions are: 

  • Use QB Refresher Tool
  • Run Quick Fix My Program
  • Run the Clean installation for the QB. 
  • Create a New User. 
  • Rename QB.INI file
  • Use QB System Repair tool
  • Turn off the Anti-Virus 
  • Open the file using another location 
  • When the error persists after installation of the Windows update 
  • Delete the file “EntitlementDataStore.ecml”
  • Scan and Repair problems in Storing Device

Method 1: Use QB Refresher Tool

To ease the process, one should use the QB Refresher Tool. The steps are: 

quickfixbookserror-QuickBooks Refresher Tool
  • Download QB Refresher Tool and wait for its installation.  
  • Close all the processes related to software QB. 
  • On the system open the downloaded application. 
  • After proper installation, open it. 
  • It will detect the error that is persisting in the QB software. 
  • When any problem is detected, choose seminal steps. 
  • If the problem is cured or the vanishing process ends close it. 
  • Finally, try to open the QB. 

Method 2: Use QuickBooks Tool Hub 

quickfixbookserror-QB Tool Hub

These steps are performed by using the QB Tool Hub, Steps are: 

  • Firstly download QB Tool Hub. 
  • Then close QB. 
  • The downloaded file should be saved in the workstation. 
  • Run or Open the downloaded file. 
  • Enter the required seminal options and information. For example:- Agree on all the Terms and Conditions. 
  • After completing the installation, open it. 
  • In the tool choose “Program Problems”. 
  • Now consider Quick Fix my program.
  • Finally, open QB. 
  • Consider the data file and see whether the error persists or not.
  • If the error message is displayed again then go for another tool.  
  • Download QB Diagnostic Tool to terminate this error. 
  • Open the downloaded file and wait for its installation. 
Download QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Open it; it will detect the actual problem by itself. 
  • If any problem is shown on the screen, it will terminate it automatically. 

If the error is faced by the user then try to use QB Install Tool. The steps are here: 

  • Firstly close all the processes running in the background. 
  • Now download the ‘QBInstall tool‘. 
  • Install it as early as you can. 
  • Close all the running processes.
  • Now try to “Run” the tool. 
QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool
  • It will detect the problem. 
  • If any problem is detected, hit “Proceed” to fix the problem. 
  • Finally, restart the workstation. 
  • Lastly, try to Open QB. 

Method 3: Run the Clean installation for the QB. 

A clean installation can cure this problem, so follow the steps that are mentioned below: 

  • Firstly download the QB Tool Hub
  • Install it carefully. 
  • Open it and select Installation Issues. 
  • Select Clean Install Tool.
  • Click “OK”
QuickBooks Tool Hub Installation Issues.
  • Now go for the QuickBooks version and product version
  • Select “Continue” 
QuickBooks version
  • End all the processes related to QB. 
  • Hit the OK button. 

Method 4 to resolve QuickBooks has stopped working error: Create a New User. 

  • Using the “Start” button open the “Control Panel”.
  • Then click on the “Add or Remove User Accounts” link.
  • Whenever the dialog box “Manage Accounts” opens. 
  • Click on the “Create a New Account”.
quickfixbookserror-create new account
  • Well done you created a new Admin. 
  • Finally, open QB again. 

Method 5: Rename the QB.INI file

Rename the QB.INI file
  • Changing the file name of the respected file “QBWUSER.INI” can eliminate this error. 
  • Now try to change the name of the file “EntitlementDatastore.ecml” also.

Method 6: Use the QuickBooks System Repair tool 

QuickBooks System Repair tool 
  • Firstly download the QB Repair Tool. 
  • Now save it on the desktop. 
  • Now restart the system. 
  • Open it and scan for the problems. 
  • If a problem is found, go for repairing it.
  • Restart the workstation. 
  • Finally, open QB. 

Method 7: Turn off the Anti-Virus 

  • Firstly, “restart” the workstation. 
  • Turn off the Anti-Virus program. 
Turn off the Anti-Virus 

Method 8: Open the File Using Another Path or Location 

If the file of the QB is accessed or opened by using another path then it may cure this error. The steps here: 

  • Firstly open a New Window or press the keys “Windows + E”
  • Find the .qbw extension in the file.  
  • Copy the file. 
  • Now in C drive make a new folder. (Name it as QBTEST). 
  • Paste it in the new folder. 
  • Open QB.  
  • Go for the option “Open or restore an existing company”
  • Open the QBTEST folder.
  • Now check whether the error persists or not.  

Method 9: When the error persists after installation of the Windows update 

If you are facing this error after the installation of the Windows update, then steps are mentioned to tackle this situation.

  • Open the Windows Firewall by using the Control Panel. 
  • Select the Advanced Settings option.
  • Select “Outbound rules”.  
  • Choose the New Rule tab.
  • Click on the Program
Windows update 
  • Now choose “Next”. 
  • Choose the Program Path option. 
  • Copy the location of the software QB. 
  • Check for the option “Block the Connection”
  • Check for the private, public, or domain checkbox. 
  • Now change the name. 
  • Finally, choose Finish.

Method 10: Delete the file “EntitlementDataStore.ecml”

To avoid this error delete the “EntitlementDataStore.ECML” file. Steps are: 

  • Firstly close the QB file with the close of the QB. 
  • Open Run window.
  • Copy and Paste by the use of the Dialog Box.
  • Right-click on that file.
  • Try to Delete the file. 

Method 11: Scan and Repair problems in the Storing Device

Scanning and repairing the files of the company can cure this problem. For this steps are: 

  • Open a new window. 
  • Right-click on the “C-Drive”. 
Right-click on the “C-Drive”. 
  • Click on the Properties. Choose the Tools tab.
  • Tap on the Check Now.
Tap on the Check Now
  • Now checkmark the two options that are shown.                                          
Hit Start on Check Disk Local Disk
  • And Click on the Start Button.

Winding up!

This error arises when the user is facing any problem in the opening of the file. Eliminating this error does not require any additional IT knowledge. One should follow the steps carefully. If the error persists or you want a quick solution then call our technical expert for assistance. Our special Expert team is happy to help you. 

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Bulk import, export, and deletion can be performed with simply one-click. A simplified process ensures that you will be able to focus on the core work.

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