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Solved: QuickBooks Error 6129 | QuickBooks Error 6129 Retrieval Step By Step

Introduction To QuickBooks Error 6129

What is QuickBooks Error 6129?

QuickBooks Error 6129 reflected when QuickBooks user tries to reach the company files. It may happen due to the failure of the “Database Connection Verification”. The user is not able to open the company’s record.

How do you fix QuickBooks Error 6129?

There so many different ways are available by which you can solve and here are some ways:

  • Changing the name of the “.ND” file.
  • Try to copy the file of the company to any other location.
  • Make ensure that all systems are connected to the same domain.
  • Restart your system in safe mode.


Detail About QuickBooks Error 6129

As the world is moving towards digitalization the more software is coming in to ease out the problem user, the Quickbooks accounting software is one of the best accounting software presents in the market as it allows them to manage their taxes, with the help of Quickbooks software user can manage their expenses as well. There are few reports which are required by the business owner in order to see how their business is performing and Quickbooks software helps the user to create those reports. These reports are profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheet reports. These reports show a different aspect to the user and they can take the correct steps if they feel that the business is not doing well. From the business perspective it is important that they make and receive their payment on time so in order to do that user can create the reports of account payables and account receivables which will help them in tracking their payment which they need to make or they need to receive. In order to manage the expenses, the user needs to connect their bank account and their credit card with the Quickbooks software. Preparing the taxes is one of the headaches of the user and if they want to manage the taxes user needs to give permission to the person who creates the tax for the user and they will be able to print whatever the user wants to print for the taxes.

With so many features under one software user must feel like it a blessing but for the user, it will be better to know that there is a long list of Quickbooks errors and any of the errors can appear in front of them. As the error comes in front of the user, they want to solve it as soon as possible but here user needs to check first what kind of error they are facing because as there is a long list of the error and any of the error can appear in front of the user. And user also needs to see how big the error is if the error is big then the user should not try to solve the error on their own as they do not have the required knowledge and they can escalate the error furthermore. Users can try to solve the smaller error as they do not require technical skills to solve and even if the user fails to do so the error won’t escalate that much. For the user it is necessary to know which error code has appeared in front of them because every error has its own steps to solve and if the user is not able to recognize the error, then it is going to be very difficult for the user to solve the error on their own.

For the user getting rid of the error is important because if they do not get rid of the error then they won’t be able to do their work on the Quickbooks software. And to help the user we are going to tell the user how they can solve one of the Quickbooks errors if it appears in front of them. The error code of this error is 6129, in this error when the user tries to open the company file but they are not able to do so because database verification gets failed. There will be a notification and it will ask the user to close the program. So, in order to solve the error user needs to know the causes and the symptoms behind the error so that it becomes easy for them to solve the error easily and quickly.


Reason Behind the Quickbooks Error 6129

  1. Any kind of discrepancy between the server and client domain can be one of the reasons behind the user facing the Error 6129.
  2. If the network data files are damaged then the error can appear in front of the user.
  3. Third-party antivirus can also create issue 6129 for the user.


Symptoms of Quickbooks Error 6129

Below mentioned are a few of the symptoms of Quickbooks Error 6129 and if the user sees any symptoms which are mentioned below then this means they are facing Error 6129.

  1. One of the symptoms that the user is facing Error 6129 is Quickbooks software will fail to access the company file locally or on the network.
  2. Inaccessibility to access the accounting data.


Steps to solve the Quickbooks Error 6129

  1. Try renaming the file- If the error appears during the creation of a new company file, then, in that case, the user opts for renaming the files and the steps are as follows.
  2. The user at first needs to move to windows named as Easy step interview and then they need to select to leave.
  3. Now user needs to save the file in this step.
  4. Now in the provided area user needs to select an alternate name for the file.
  5. Click on the save button and after that user needs to confirm the changes they have made.
  6. Now in this step user needs to check whether the issue is still there or not.


  1. Opening of company file from a new location- When the folder in which the company file is saved got damaged, then the user needs to try to open the company file from a new folder or from the new location.
  2. In the first step, the user needs to create a new folder in their workstation.
  3. Now user needs to open the folder in which the company file is saved and now the user needs to copy the file by doing the right-click.
  4. Now user needs to paste the file into the new folder and try to open the file from the new location.


  1. Disable Antivirus- Sometimes when the user installs the third-party antivirus into their device. The antivirus tends to see some of the vital files of Quickbooks as the threat and then the antivirus blocks their access. So, in order to use the Quickbooks user needs to make sure that they disable the antivirus without leaving the safe mode.